Family Tree

Juliana Jones Family Tree

  1. Aiden ~ Tiffanie Best (engaged)
    • Suzanne Foster (Courtney Foster) ~ Antone Formaggio-Swann (married)
      • Damian Formaggio-Swann (Antone Formaggio-Swann)
    • Silas Best (Tiffanie Best)
  2. Benjamin ~ January Jones (married)
    • Priscilla Jones (January Jones)
  3. Caleb ~ Oriole Bird (married)
    • Tate Jones (August Woods)
    • Lakshmi Jones (Oriole Bird)
  4. Dylan ~ Sofia Martingale (married)
  5. Emma ~ single
    • Amie Pinkerton (Gavin Pinkerton)
    • Boyd Jones (Kenji Middleton)
  6. Felicia ~ Bernard Gooder (married)
    • Will Jones-Gooder (Bernard Gooder)
  7. Grace ~ single
    • Tori Jones (Antone Formaggio-Swann)
    • Chet Jones (Chuck Hobble)
  8. Hannah ~ Calvin Riffin (married)
  9. Isabella ~ Octavio Bell-Klone (married)
    • Louie Bell-Klone (Octavio Bell-Klone)
  10. Jackson ~ single
  11. Keith ~ single
  12. Lily ~ single
  13. Madelyn ~ single
  14. Noah ~ single

  15. Olivia ~ Jack Skipper (married)
    • Bridgett Skipper (Jack Skipper)
  16. Parker ~ Bailey Swain (married)
    • Eloy Jones (Bailey Swain)
    • Leah Jones (Bailey Swain)
  17. Quinn ~ Frida Goth (girlfriend
    • Griselda Goth (Frida Goth)
    • Lacie Goth (Frida Goth)
  18. Regina ~ adult
  19. Sophia ~ adult
  20. Tyler ~ Annalove Ivy (girlfriend)
  21. Upton ~ Daydream Ivy (girlfriend)
    • Clarissa Ivy
  22. Virgil ~ Joanie MacDuff (married)
  23. William ~ adult

  24. Xavia ~ child
  25. Yolanda ~ toddler
  26. Zoey, Zelda, Zivah ~ infants


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