Felicia Jones

Who’s Your Daddy?

  • Raffi Barakat
    • Unemployed
    • 0 Star Celebrity
    • Gemini
    • Ambitious / Hopeless Romantic / Good Sense of Humor / Neat / Loves the Outdoors / Egyptian Culture


  • Absent-Minded
  • Artistic
  • Vegetarian
  • Childish
  • Dog Person

Hidden Traits:

  • Egyptian Culture

Master of the Arts


  • After Emma’s birth, Juliana finishes teaches Dylan to walk and then spends some quality time with him before consigning him to the baby swing. What

  • After a long day at school and a field trip to the science lab, Aiden and Benjamin are glad to be home.  Dinner, a shower, and homework before bedtime.

  • It is time for the first teenager in the family, Aiden has his birthday and is finally old enough to babysit while Juliana travels.

  • While waiting for Aiden to have his birthday, Raffi plays with Caleb for a little bit and then puts him back in the swing.Ha Ha

  • With a nooboo in the oven, it is time for Juliana to head back to France.  Will she be the first of my sims to ever complete the tombs under the nectary?

  • All of the tombs in France have been explored, she has also collected all of the French Tombs Collection along with the Canopic Jars, Gold Figurines, Dangerous Creatures, and Zodiac Animals.  She still needs one Chinese Vase, two Dropa Stones (from China), two from the Egyptian Tombs Collection and two from the Chinese Tombs collection.  Total days spent in France was 22 on three trips.

  • Another baby sitter failure.  All three had poopy diapers and needed some loving.  They had also all been taken from their nice-keep-the-moods-high swing and put into the baby beds and then ignored.

  • Dylan enjoys some quality time with Cuddles while Caleb looks on jealously.  Caleb is the only one so far to not have an imaginary friend doll to play with.  He would like to play with Cuddles however Dylan is not sharing.

  • Caleb finally gives up on Cuddles and decides to play with the toys from the toy box until it is time for him to grow up.  He then has to head immediately for the little boys room.

  • The boys have dinner and then Caleb and Benjamin work on their homework together.

  • Caleb gets in some horsey time before school.  Every boy needs to ride a horse in his underwear. Shocked

  • Dylan gets his horsey time also and isn’t too happy when it is time to stop.


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