Film – Actor

Prerequisites – Late Night Expansion, Film – Director, Military

“I’m so BORED. There’s nothing to do!”

With no cheap mass entertainment, sims lack inspiration for parties and run out of conversation topics with large groups. Children, in particular, are difficult to keep motivated.


    • Sims may not learn any songs on foreign adventures.
    • Sims may not throw parties of any kind.
      • Note that they may attend parties thrown by resident townies, if Film – Director has been lifted.
    • No item from the Party tab or Recreation tab may be purchased or used, including the buffet table and any of the juice bars.Sims with televisions are limited to the Work Out channel, Cookin’ Cable, the Fishing channel, and Got Garden.
      • The Birthday Inferno birthday cake is allowed if Culinary has been lifted.
      • The Fuzzy Logic Picnic Basket is allowed if Culinary has been lifted.
    • Sims may not “Read Something”, unless it is a novel that has been published by someone in the family, a skill book, or a book received as part of a career opportunity. (Also restricted by Journalism).
    • Sims may not tour the theater.
    • Sims may not go to a movie at the theater.
    • Sims may not play instruments at parties or at clubs.
    • Sims may not “form group” with other sims.
      • Note that if this happens just by inviting a sim over to your house, you do not need to disband the group. But you may not explicitly form such groups.
    • Sims may not purchase Above Reproach or Clean Slate Lifetime Rewards (both also restricted by Film – Director).

Your Sim takes a bow at the Simcademy Awards Festival. They have worked long and hard to produce a body of collaborative work to entertain the masses. Now they are a household name, and the moves and shows they have starred in are being played on television almost nightly. Sims everywhere are able to relax and enjoy themselves together in front of the television after work at last! All Film – Actor restrictions are lifted.


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