Film – Director

Prerequisites – Late Night Expansion, Military

“More Benny Hill reruns? Again?”

With no skilled movie makers the television channels are mostly just the test pattern and old reruns, and the few famous stars jealously guard their fame.


    • Sims may not attend parties thrown by resident townies.
    • Sims may not discuss their favorite TV shows.
    • Sims may not go to plays at the theater.
    • Sims may not hold autograph sessions or sign autographs.
    • Sims may not pursue celebrity status through pop up opportunities or challenges.
    • Sims may not schmooze celebrity sims or try to impress them.
    • Sims may not “draw attention” of the paparazzi.
    • Sims may not purchase Above Reproach, Clean Slate, or Complimentary Entertainment Lifetime Rewards.

Your sim has become the next Francis Ford Simcopla. Their production of “Bridging the Apocalypse”, featuring an all star cast and a musical score that brought audiences to weep in their sleep has allowed sims the joy of movies and the theater once again. Somehow, to see the struggles people had right after the Apocalypse portrayed on the big screen with all the digital special effects and suspenseful screen writing brought it all home to them. As a culture they can move on with their collective lives. The Film – Director restrictions have been lifted.


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