Finale: Cheating Your Way to a Renaissance

2016 Challenge Tournament Finale: Cheating Your Way to a Renaissance

The team is loosening up in some ways for the Finale and allowing all players to use the all-powerful static needs cheat. On the other, there’s still plenty of strategy and skill that will be necessary as you move your Sim throughout the different Willow Springs households and try and complete as many Renaissance Sim Aspirations as possible before your Sim turns Elder.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create one YA in CAS.
  • All City Living content is banned for this event.
  • Lot Traits are banned for this event.
  • You may use the Buydebug cheat to purchase a satellite to prevent abductions.
  • You may use the “Disable Household Needs Decay” cheat every time you play your challenge file.
  • Once your Sim completes the Renaissance Sim Aspiration, move him/her into one of the other households* in Willow Creek. Change the Aspirations of YA, Adult, and Elder members to Renaissance Sim. An adult Sim cannot work on any other aspiration until the Renaissance Sim aspiration has been completed. Teens that become YAs while your Sim is in the house must also be given the Renaissance Sim aspiration, but you do not have to return to a house once you’ve left.
  • Except for Logic, no two Sims in a household (except original created Sim) can work on the same skills or careers.
  • Once every grown-up in the household has completed the Renaissance Sim Aspiration, move your Sim into a different household.
  • Rinse and repeat** until your Sim becomes an Elder.
  • **If your Sim goes through all houses in Willow Creek, including homes moved into after you started your file, then you are allowed to move to Oasis Springs.
  • The game ends when the game naturally ages your Sim up to Elder (no aging your Sim up yourself).

*Premade or moved-in by the game. You may not add to your starting Sim’s household or add Sims to the premade households.


Aspirations – When the game ages your Sim up to Elder, pause your game and give yourself 10 points for every Renaissance Sim Aspiration completed, including the one for your starting Sim.
Milestones – Partial credit for incomplete Aspirations – 2 points per Milestone.


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