Fortune Teller – Mystic

Prerequisites – Supernatural Expansion

“Brains, BRAINS, BRains, brains, BRAINS.BRaiNS, brains, Brains, BRAINS, BRains, brains, BRAINS. BRAINS, BRains, brains, BRAINS, brains.” ― Ryan Mecum

Centuries of fear and suspicion kept the occult to the fringes of the SimNation, hiding in the shadows and out of the way places. But the Simpocalypse has changed that somewhat. Now there seem to be as manyoccult as there are human sims… and hiding is no longer an option. However, they are as suspicious of the Sims as the Sims are of the Occults…. trust will take time to build between these very different peoples who are suddenly reliant on each other for survival….


    • Sims may not purchase brooms
    • Sims may not play in the broom arena on another sims broom
    • Witches may not cast spells or use spell like abilities
    • Sims may not purchase elixir recipes from the book store or the elixir merchant (also restricted by Journalism)
    • Sims may not use the Alchemy bench to research elixirs or to create elixirs (also restricted by The Amazing Naturalist)
    • Occult sims are restricted from choosing any occult actions or topics of conversation in their pie menus.
    • Fairies and Genies may not choose to float, flitter or fly through the pie menu.
    • Vampire Sims may only reveal their true identity to their intended spouse upon getting ready to turn said spouse into a vampire
    • Werewolves may not leave the house on days of the Full Moon EXCEPT to go to work
    • Faeries may not give fairy dust to sims
    • Your sims may not request or demand fairy dust from fairies
    • Faeries may not play tricks on sims
    • Faeries may not shrink down
    • The Flying Vacuum is restricted (also restricted by Alien Technology), as is King or Queen of the Fae, Magic Hands, and Philosopher’s Stone

Entertaining story about what happens when the restriction is lifted


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