Emotional Aura: Confidence

Crystals are not the only thing that you get from digging up rocks. Your Sim will sometimes get limestone or fossils from a rock. A limestone can be broken down into its components to acquire a fossil which can be analyzed under a microscope.

There are a total of fifteen fossils and they’re provided below with their selling prices:

  • Fossilized Egg – 70
  • Fossilized Sea Monster – 50
  • Raptor Claw – 70
  • Fossilized Plant Imprint – 70
  • Pre-Historic Hoofprint – 40
  • Hilariously Tiny T-Rex Arms – 45
  • Enormous Trilobite – 40
  • Fossilized Sim Hand – 45
  • Prehistoric Rock – 15
  • Prehistoric Bird – 75
  • Perfectly Preserved Mustache – 100
  • Pre-Pre-Pre Human Head – 225
  • Fossilized Udder – 85
  • Fossilized Whatzit – 175
  • Fossilized Alien Skull – 250


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