Full House

  • With the birth of Grace the house is now full so Juliana will need to wait before proceeding.  Once the older kids start moving out she will be working to space the kids out somewhat.  She also needs to head back to Egypt to finish up there, and then find those last two Dropa Stones in China.  She will also be looking at a new job for this downtime and will continue working on her skills.  But first Felicia needs to finish learning her toddler skills.

  • The boys work together on their homework, before school of course.

  • Their schedules are so messed up they come home exhausted, sleep and then have to get up at 2am to eat and do homework.

  • Another smiling Emma-picture.

  • Caleb loves to play outside.  So much so that he “forgets” to go to school one day.  Juliana is not happy with him.  After scolding him, Caleb heads off for what is left of his school day.

  • Hmm, someone is hungry.  Juliana thought about eating the cake but she wisely decided to eat leftovers instead.  The question is who is going to make the mistake of eating the cake.

  • Playtime in the tub, anyone up for a submarine adventure?

  • Another wrong on so many levels.

  • Floating babies …

  • Juliana starts working on the chemistry table but then decides to take a trip to Egypt first.

  • The older boys all crash as Juliana heads out for her trip.

  • Juliana wins her first fight with a mummy.

  • All of the tombs in Egypt have been explored, she has also collected all of the Egyptian Tombs Collection. She is still missing those two Dropa Stones from China.  Total days spent in Egypt was 35 on four trips.

  • Benjamin gets into trouble for skipping school.

  • There is a vampire family in town, finally, and Juliana stakes out his work place to insure she meets him.  Baby Daddy H has been targeted.

  • Dylan spends some time playing with the Cowplant.  But he stays just out of reach of those teeth.

  • Caleb is still making up for skipping school by doing chores around the house.

  • You would think this would reinforce the go-to-school message pretty clearly.  Go to school or clean up other people’s poop all day.

  • Emma’s imaginary friend, Rags Muffin, will be allowed to grow up and hopefully he will be made real.  A future baby daddy in the making…

  • Grace’s training is going slowly.  She still hasn’t completed her talking or walking, and is refusing to cooperate with Juliana.  Someone needs a nap and someone needs a vacation.

  • Felicia has been released from baby-swing prison.  She alternates between the blocks and the xylophone.

  • Juliana puts all three girls down for a nap and decides a trip to China is in order.  She still needs to locate those two missing-in-action Dropa Stones.  39 days in China and neither one has shown up even once.  She will clear all open tombs and then excavate and stalk the relic seller for the next 15 days.

  • Escape, escape, escape… before they wake up…

  • Success in China finally, all Relic Collections have been completed, all tombs have been explored, all adventures have been done.  To celebrate, Juliana bought a house in China.

  • Having completed everything she set out to do, Juliana spends her last few days playing chess and building up her logic skill.  She now is tasked with discovering the necessary potion to make imaginary friends real.

  • First things first, though.  Grace needs to learn to walk and talk, which she finishes up around the time Emma, and Rags Muffin, becomes a child.

  • Playtime while Juliana eats dinner, then the kiddos are off to bed.

  • Traffic jam at the potty chair.

  • Hide and Seek works better if someone actually knows you are hiding from them.

  • Juliana finally discovers how to make the Imaginary Friend Metamorphium.

  • With 2 days remaining before Aiden becomes a young adult and moves out, Juliana makes a quick trip to Egypt to purchase a house.

  • During her recovery time after her trip, she begins the process of buying out the town.

  • The younger kids enjoy their Sunday afternoon playing blocks.

  • Dylan reaches his birthday and here is hoping his sense of style improves as a teenager.

  • Going out in public as a 4 star celebrity makes it hard to get anything done.

  • With only a day remaining before Aiden moves out, Juliana heads off to France to purchase a house.  It also helps that she just received the first payment on all her investments.  Purchasing almost everything in town, she spent the one million simoleans leaving the family with only six thousand.  Time to do some adventuring to build up the cash reserves pending the next week’s collection.


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