Getting Started

Starting Out

  • If necessary or desired, seed occult sims into the town so you will have fairies, witches, genies, werewolves, vampires and ghosts living near by
    • You may seed up to 30 occults into your neighborhood of your occult type in order to assure a breeding pool to choose from.
      • If you use Twallen’s Master Controller mod, you may go in and convert up to 30 existing neighborhood sims into your designated occult type.

Choose any neighborhood that appeals to you – preferably one on a dirt or desert landscape – and create any sim you wish in CAS. You can make a male or female Young Adult with any set of attributes and any Lifetime Wish. Move your sim into any empty maximum size lot. There are several desert worlds available on the Exchange at The Sims 3 site.

You MUST start from humble and desperate beginnings. If you cannot find an available 64 by 64 lot, or you don’t have room to lay one down from the Edit Neighborhood options, then take the largest residential lot in your neighborhood.  Once you have built and furnished your house, you must go to the book store or a book merchant register in the neighborhood and purchase at least 3 skill books.

  • You may purchase ANY and ALL skill books you like – you are not restricted to 3 items as per the Athletic restrictions for this shopping trip, but it is highly suggested you get the gardening books. All three will cost $1600 and will be invaluable if you get a job in Science before you clear Military, since you won’t be able to go to the library. You may only purchase adult and toddler SKILL books, however.
  • You may not purchase the Bait books for learning fishing bait, recipes, the songs for instruments, pregnancy books, or any novels or children’s “Jimmy Sprocket” books.

Find a job using the news paper, you MUST take the first job available, no matter what it is (except for the Film career if you have Late Night – you may not take that job as a founder career). You may not choose any professions, nor may you register as self-employed. The only employment opportunities available are the traditional rabbit hole jobs.

  • Finally, you may start building your house. You must hold back enough money from your book shopping spree to AT LEAST make sure your sim is not going to be sleeping on the ground without a roof over their head.
  • On the first day of the challenge, you may go out around the neighborhood to get your job, buy your books and meet some sims. After this first day, you are under all restrictions for the challenge and you may not leave your lot until Military has been lifted except as specified. You MUST be back on your home lot by 6pm game time, though, and headed inside your house or a zombie hoard gets you and you lose the challenge out of the starting gate. No, really. A zombie hoard gets you.
  • You ARE allowed to purchase the cheapest car on day 1 of the challenge if you so desire.
    • All vehicles MUST have a parking space for the car somewhere on the home lot. It does NOT need to be under a roof.
    • Whenever you are at home, your vehicle must be placed on it’s parking spot until Athletics is cleared. Pretty amazing what those vitamin pills allows you to carry in in your pocket.
    • If you cannot afford to re-purchase the car each week in your protection payments to the mob, you lose the car. You may NOT skip a week of paying protection on the vehicle.


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