Ghost Hunter Bingo II: Let the Spirit Move You

Ghost Hunter II: Let the Spirit Move You – ended April 15, 2014

Ghost Hunter Bingo is back from three years ago. Making as much money as possible in the Ghost Hunter profession is important, but the real fun will be roaming your neighborhood and catching spirits to try to make as many “bingos” as you can.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create 1 Young Adult Human Sim.
  • No changing life states.
  • You may not add to the household.
  • All revenue is limited to Ghost Hunter related activity — career jobs, Ghost Hunter career opportunities and/or spirit sales. This is an extremely important rule. If you make money any other way — even if it’s an accident, then you are DNF. Don’t make a mistake—for example, do not sell the camera in inventory or the University starter kit. And do not sell any furniture from personal or family inventory. Pay attention to where all household funds comes from. Save your file regularly and in the rare event the game tosses you some free money out of the blue, save your file under a new name, stop playing your file and PM the team with details.
  • Once a spirit is captured and in its container it cannot be released.
  • If your Sim is struck with the no uniform bug (your Sim appears naked or won’t change into the GH uniform and is wearing the same thing they were wearing before starting the “job”) here is a simple fix: have your Sim go to the wardrobe and click “Plan Outfit.” Click on the career tab, pick a career outfit, and then exit the wardrobe. This bug can also cause you to not complete jobs and opportunities correctly and may cause your game to crash if it is not corrected.
  • Traveling is banned.
  • Because of the bugs associated with the Ghost Hunter profession it is wise to save often and use different file names just in case you get a .bad file — i.e. Town Name GH 1a, Town Name GH 1b, etc.
  • This challenge concludes at the end of 2 weeks (Week 2, Day 7, 11:59 PM).


Household Funds — At the conclusion of the challenge, note your Household Funds. Remember, during the 2 weeks of the challenge, all revenue must come from Ghost Hunter career jobs, career opportunities and/or spirit sales. Nothing else. Can’t sell furniture or items you have on your Sim.

Bingos — A “Bingo” is achieved when you mark off “3 across” or “7 down” in a straight line on your scoring sheet. For example, if you find a Kind Young spirit, a Kind Old Spirit, and a Kind Ancient spirit — you’ve made a Kind (3 across) Bingo.

Your bingos are a multiplier for your Household Funds. Different bingos have different values. The values listed are a percentage added to your multiplier that starts at 1.00. Below is the table with all possible bingo values. My thanks to Pam for designing the Ghost Hunter Bingo Sheet for everyone. You allowed to print out ONE sheet. No more. 6 bingo cards are on a sheet.

Kind (3 across) — 1
Friendly (3 across) — 2
Frightened (3 across) — 3
Lost (3 across) — 4
Wrathful (3 across) — 5
Young (7 down) — 6
Jealous (3 across) — 7
Old (7 down) — 8
Evil (3 across) — 9
Ancient (7 down) — 10

Each Ghost Hunter Service Award you receive counts as one free X on any bingo card.

Total — Jot down your Household Funds. As an example, let’s say it’s an even $50,000.

Now it’s time to compute your bingos. Start with one of the six cards on your sheet. Look at the values of all possible bingos in the list above to see the total value of all bingos on that one card. When you’re finished, then move to the next card.

Add up all bingo values from the 6 card areas to get the correct percentage added to the multiplier. So, let’s say all of your bingos are worth 67 points. Your final mutiplier then is 1.00 + 67 = 1.67.

Your final challenge score = Household Funds ($50,000) X 1.67 = 83,500.



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