Gnome is Where the Heart Is

Gnome is Where the Heart is – ended March 31, 2013

Your goal is to invite Romantic Interests (relationship level = a heart symbol) into your home. Each Romantic Interest must be given a different Gnome and immediately sent on their merry way (kicked out).

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create 1 Young Adult Sim.
  • No restrictions on pets coming into or leaving the household but you cannot start with a pet.
  • The only Sims that may be added to the household are Romantic Interests and all Romantic Interests must be unique.
  • Romantic Interests must join your household, immediately have a unique Gnome put in their Inventory and then kicked out of the house.
  • The Inappropriate and Irresistible traits are banned.
  • Players are not allowed to purchase gnomes with simoleons.
  • The Genie’s Love Wish is banned.
  • The Witch’s Love Charm is banned.
  • The use of cinnamon is banned.
  • The “Heat of the Moment Kiss” social is banned.
  • Clean Slate/Above Reproach rewards are banned.
  • Using the Relationship Transmogrifier phone app is banned.
  • You are allowed 3 vacations. Length of each vacation is up to you.  Vacations can either be spent in WA worlds or at University.
  • The challenge ends on Week 4, Day 7 11:59 PM.


RI/Unique Gnome. For every unique Romantic Interest kicked out with a unique Gnome in their Inventory give yourself 1000 points.

Days. For every day you need to complete the challenge (you do not need to go until the deadline—that’s only when you must stop) you subtract 250 points from your score. Vacation days/Time spent at University also count against your score.

Total — Let’s go through an example:

You finish the challenge and at that point have kicked out 20 unique Romantic Interests all with unique Gnomes in their inventory. That’s 20000 points.

Let’s say you did elect to play until Week 4, Day 7 and also took 10 days vacation. 28 days + 10 days = 38 total days.

Every day = 250 points taken off your score = 9,500

Total = 20000 – 9500 = 11500

Here is another awesome Scoring Spreadsheet from LenaLJ.


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