Grace Jones

Who’s Your Daddy?

  • Julies Fournier
    • Unemployed
    • 0 Star Celebrity
    • Cancer
    • Absent-Minded / Vegetarian / Grumpy / Angler / Loves the Outdoors / French Culture


  • Insane
  • Loves the Outdoors
  • Technophobe
  • Flirty
  • Mooch

Hidden Traits:

  • French Culture



  • With this pregnancy, Juliana has completed the Travel Daddy Cluster.

  • All of the tombs in China have been explored, she has also collected all of the Chinese Tombs Collection along with the Chinese Vases. She is still missing two Dropa Stones (from China) and the last two from the Egyptian Tombs Collection.  Total days spent in China was 39 on four trips.

  • Emma decides she doesn’t want to learn to use the potty.  Her grumpy trait is kicking in early.

  • Another teen joins the family as Benjamin has his birthday.  Caleb celebrates with him.

  • After Benjamin becomes a teen Caleb is left by himself so he spends some time on the horsey.

  • Emma’s mood improves after a nap and she learns to talk.

  • Emma-Spam

  • Caleb-Spam

  • Whoops, Caleb played a little too long it seems.

  • The toilet is possessed.  It keeps randomly spewing water into the air however it is not clogged up.

  • Another toddler to child birthday, this time is Dylan.  This reminds me of the Dancing Baby from a few years back.

  • More Emma spam… she does actually smile sometimes.

  • Dylan’s gets up early to play with his imaginary friend, Cuddles.  And Cuddles watches while Benjamin reads Dylan to sleep, in Juliana’s bed.

  • Juliana has been trying to use the Moodlet Manager successfully all day.  It keeps tanking her Energy, so she was exhausted when she went into labor with Grace and then still took several tries after getting home to get everything back in the green.  During this time Felicia became a toddler and ready to start her training.


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