Hannah Jones

Who’s Your Daddy?

  • Antone Formaggio-Swann
    • Business
    • 4 Star Celebrity
    • Capricorn
    • Adventurous / Loves the Outdoors / Clumsy / Mooch / Hopeless Romantic / Vampire


  • Friendly
  • Genius
  • Can’t Stand Art
  • Hot Headed
  • No Sense of Humor

Hidden Traits:

  • Vampire

World Renowned Surgeon


  • On his way to make woohoo, Antone gets stopped for his autograph.

  • Juliana tells Antone she just wants to be friends.  Antone is not impressed even though he is married with two very young children at home.

  • Aiden hooks up with an elderly woman and Juliana isn’t impressed.  She convinces Aiden to break up with Courtney.

  • What Juliana doesn’t know is Courtney magically was pollinated with Aiden’s progeny.

  • Felicia doesn’t quite make it to bed.

  • We have a bathroom birthday as Emma becomes a teen. Witnessed only by Master Manchu.

  • It has been a long rough day for Dylan and Emma.

  • Rags Muffin becomes a teen and everyone goes to bed.

  • Juliana purchases a Dusty Old Lamp.  Since I have never seen a male genie, this is going to be a crap shoot.

  • Aiden and Courtney have a daughter named Suzanne.  Courtney promptly dies after giving birth leaving her teenage daughter Katy and her newborn daughter Suzanne to Aiden.

  • Benjamin has his birthday and graduation is scheduled.

  • Emma trains on the climbing wall while Dylan works on martial arts with the dummy.  Felicia and Grace spend some time getting to know one another on the seesaw.

  • Benjamin graduates with Highest Honor.  He was voted Most Likely to be a Millionaire.  His trophies include two prom pictures, Prom King crown, Art Show participant, School Newspaper participant, Framed School Newspaper, diploma, scouting award, Most Likely award.

  • Local man dies at High School Graduation.  Safely places toddler on the ground before kicking the bucket.

  • The refrigerator is empty so Juliana spends a few hours cooking various dishes so the kids will have a variety of leftovers to choose from.

  • Grim shows up in a graduation gown, the dog has some issues, and Juliana plays with the toddlers Hillary and Sasha.

  • Benjamin moves out opening up a space in the house.  Since the town is full and kicking out at this point results in them disappearing and emigrating out of town, all kids will be merged into an existing household through Edit Town.

  • Emma takes advantage of the opening and makes Rags real.

  • A quick check on Aiden and a picture of his house.


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