I Dream of Teeny

I Dream of Teeny

One teenager can be quite a handful – so, how can one Sim take care of an entire house full of teenagers? You’re not just any Sim. You’re a genie who possesses awesome powers and bestows magical gifts upon your beloved teens. And as you lovingly kick them in the rear and out the door after they complete key requirements you gain even more genie powers. How cool is that?

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create one Young Adult Sim in CAS from scratch.
  • The Spa Day Game Pack and Cool Kitchen Stuff are banned.
  • No household additions except for adopting children (not babies).
  • You are allowed to use the Buydebug cheat for the sole purpose of purchasing a satellite to prevent abductions.
  • You are allowed to adopt one Child each time your houseparent achieves level 6 or caps a skill**. Age up the adopted Child immediately to Teen. BUT…this is important – any adoption must occur before your housekeeper would become eligible to adopt again. In other words, no storing up adoptions. Example: your houseparent gets to level 6 in Cooking and can adopt a child and then can adopt another child when reaching level 10. You cannot take a pass on the level 6 adoption in order to adopt two at level 10.
  • After your houseparent caps their first skill they are awarded with static needs. Turn on Testing Cheats, shift click the mailbox and choose Disable Household Needs as well as Fill Household Needs. You are allowed to use these cheats for the duration of the challenge.
  • For every Teen that completes all three requirements (see below) and is moved out, your houseparent/genie gains more power and is awarded two perks: 1) one use of the kaching cheat and 2) one use of the aspirations.complete_current_milestone cheat. NOTE: If a Teen ages up naturally, is moved out but did NOT complete any of the requirements, then your houseparent/genie is not awarded use of the cheats for that particular Teen.
  • Moving from your initial lot is not allowed.
  • The Manage Worlds screen is allowed in order to move out your qualifying teens.
  • This challenge ends when your houseparent turns Elder.

Teen Requirements Before They Can Move Out…

1) Get an A in school
2) Reach Level 3 in a part-time job
3) Max a unique skill**.

**Photography is banned. Also, if your Teens end up maxing all available skills, then you would begin another cycle of going through skills and keeping round two unique as well.


Scoring is the sum of Teens Out and Teens In. Lena made a great spreadsheet to make things easy for you. Thank you, Lena.

Teens Out — When your houseparent turns Elder add up the number of Teens that completed all Teen Requirements and were successfully moved out. 3 points per Teen. NOTE: If your Teen ends up naturally aging up to YA before you finish their requirements, that’s okay.

Teens In — When your houseparent turns Elder add up the remaining Teens still in the household. 1 point per Teen.

Total — Add Teens Out and Teens In together for your Total.


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