Intermission time as the house is once again full and it will be awhile before someone moves out.  It is Saturday early morning so the teens won’t be back in school for a few days.

  • Olivia finally gets to sleep in her crib.  Doesn’t she look like Fiona from Shrek?

  • Meanwhile Madelyn makes the honor roll and grows into a teen.

  • Really needing Keith or Lily to grow up as the house is full again.

  • a little more Olivia spam as she wakes up to finish learning to walk.

  • Toddler training is completed, Juliana has a quick chat with Olivia and then puts her back in bed.  Olivia is not impressed as she is supposed to get a birthday cake now.

  • Much, much better.  Even if it is 2am.

  • And everyone gets up to help her celebrate.  It is a good thing it is Saturday.

  • Since it is the beginning of the weekend and Juliana can’t go a-woohoo-ing everyone is going to be assigned a task.  Benjamin is upgrading the new electrical and plumbing items.  He is still plugging away at his lifetime wish.

  • Juliana bought bicycles for the kids, since teens can’t drive cars anymore unless they have been taught, they will all be riding bicycles.  No more taxis.

  • She also heard about a new kind of tree so she had five planted.

  • She decided to walk on the wild side and bought a photo booth, crystal ball, cauldron, and a spell book.

  • Last she added a stroller, tree house and spring rider for the kids.

  • After her spending spree, Juliana decides she should finally master the guitar.  She has been on level 9 for ages.

  • Keith gets the task to imbue all the trees for the first time.

  • Madelyn booby-trapped the computer and Noah was the victim.

  • I got a little bored so I had the family buy a cage for each minor pet and then they stocked it.

  • Big Bird is a Blue-Gold Macaw

  • Tweety is a Goldfinch

  • Gary is a  Western Painted Turtle

  • Monty is a Mini-Python Snake

  • Gibson is a Squirrel

  • Norman is an Anole Lizard

  • I forgot Noah was a slob.  This is the first time it has really showed.

  • Madelyn decides to get out of the house for a little while and takes Parker for a stroll.  They ended up all the way across town.  In the end they were gone close to 10 hours.

  • Juliana checks out the crystal ball and the cauldron but the spell book resets her away from it.

  • Lily is drawn to the crystal ball and consults it several times each day. It tells her that she is going to have relationship trouble, and each time her relationship with someone in the house drops.  At the rate she is going she won’t be friends with anyone by the time she moves out.

  • She plays with Noah to try to prevent that.

  • However she then walks in on Keith while he is showering.

  • While Olivia plays on the spring rider, Noah snatches Parker’s doll and plays with it.  Olivia also spends some time playing in the tree-house.

  • By Sunday I am wanting the kids out of the house.  Benjamin is trying to upgrade the bathroom and someone is constantly interrupting him.  Keith takes everyone out to a movie and dinner.

  • Olivia is so shocked when Madelyn gives her a hug.

  • While the bathroom isn’t finished, Benjamin did master handiness finally, so he and Juliana celebrate in the new photo booth.

  • Monday finally arrives, finally.  And it is a good day for the kids.  Both Keith and Noah come home on the honor roll so there will be three birthdays tonight.  Three because today is also Parker’s birthday.

  • While Juliana starts training Parker, Keith becomes a young adult…

  • …and Noah becomes a teenager.

  • Keith empties his inventory before moving out.

  • I just realized I placed this apartment building backwards.  This is Keith’s new home.

  • Having mastered handiness Benjamin now sets his eyes on mastering logic.

  • Umm, School?  I didn’t ask for a job – why do you show me working for you?  Yeah, well, umm no thanks, I quit.

  • It’s Parker the panda bear.  Parker really needs a mask not just a costume.

  • A new baby gnome and big brother gnome along with the entire gnome community.

  • Parker! geez, get your hand out of the potty!


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