Isabella Jones

Who’s Your Daddy?

  • Rags Muffin
    • Unemployed
    • 2 Star Celebrity
    • Cancer
    • Shy / Photographer’s Eye / Never Nude / Angler / Eco Friendly/ Imaginary Friend


  • Loves the Outdoors
  • Easily Impressed
  • Hot-Headed
  • Vegetarian
  • Vehicle Enthusiast

Hidden Traits:

  • Imaginary Friend

The Animal Rescuer


  • I was waiting for Caleb to move out before growing Rags Muffin into young adult.  Then I realized Rags didn’t need to be living in the house to make a nooboo with Juliana.  Which means birthday time for Rags…

  • Sadly, he lost all his hair when he grew up.  Emma and Juliana didn’t hide their reactions.

  • Before moving out, Juliana let him know how she felt.  Then Rags moved into Aiden’s household.

  • Caleb makes the honor roll finally and as a reward he gets to grow up 2 days early.  He will move out after graduation ceremonies.

  • Felicia has her birthday on a dark street while heading home from Grace’s ballet recital.

  • Caleb graduates with Highest Honor and is voted Most Likely to Save the World.  He also has a Molecular Model, Scouting trophy, a framed Sports Jersey, participation awards from the Sports Club and the Debate Club.

  • After graduation Caleb moves out and moves in with Quinton Ochoa the local stylist.

  • Hannah is actually showing vampire-ish skin now even if her eyes are still normal.

  • Juliana decides it is time to meet a genie.

  • Woo Hoo my very first male genie, and I only had to reload once. Secret Smile

  • Lincoln and Juliana quickly become best friends and then move right into romantic interest.  Then Juliana wishes for a fortune and returns Lincoln to his lamp.

  • Grace has her birthday and the last of the first batch have made it to teen-hood.  Grace has had a tendency to stretch freakishly her entire life.

  • A quick use of the Moodlet Manager and Juliana begins restocking the refrigerator.  Damn but those kids eat a lot.

  • Don’t be late for the bus…

  • Checking in on the older kids… Aiden is fishing and Caleb is working at the firestation.  Benjamin is the consignment specialist but is nowhere to be found.

  • The game showed Benjamin as “out of town” even though he has a job, a house, and a girlfriend.  So as not to lose him, Edit Town here we come.  While we are there we make sure the boys are living with their girlfriends simply because with no open housing married couples are living apart. Aiden and his daughter Suzanne move in with Mandy Best and her daughter Jackie and her four pets: Snaggles, Biscuit, Dexter, and Ted.  Suzanne is Aiden’s daughter with Courtney the old invisible lady.

  • Benjamin moves in with Gillian Klone and her family.

  • Caleb has his girlfriend, August Woods, move in with him and the stylist dude.

  • Juliana’s first, and currently only, grandchild, Suzanne Foster.

  • Jackie is not too sure about having another “sister” in the house.

  • After being re-established back in the world, Benjamin drops by for a visit.  Unfortunately everyone is in bed asleep.

  • Since everyone is asleep, Benjamin amuses himself on the trampoline all night.


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