Jackson Jones

Who’s Your Daddy?

  • Lincoln Smalley
    • Unemployed
    • 0 Star Celebrity
    • Capricorn
    • Natural Cook / Family Oriented / Photographer’s Eye / Frugal / Angler / Genie / Immune to Fire / Ghost


  • Couch Potato
  • Easily Impressed
  • Hates the Outdoors
  • Brave
  • Dislikes Children

Hidden Traits:

  • Immune to Fire
  • Genie

Firefighter Super Hero


  • As soon as Isabella is born, Juliana gets busy freeing the genie.  She freezes and the heats the lamp, and then she takes it underground in the catacombs.

  • With all of that done, she releases Lincoln from the bottle and sets him free.

  • Meanwhile back at the ranch… Hannah and Isabella are a-swinging.

  • At least until Hannah becomes a toddler.  Time to start the toddler training all over again.

  • While Juliana waits for someone to move out and open up a spot for her next pregnancy, Lincoln or Genie Man as he is known professionally, performs magic for tips.

  • Despite changing the rules for early aging for children and teens, they still have not achieved making the honor roll.  Slackers.

  • So close to completing her toddler skill training but first she insists on sleeping.

  • While waiting for Dylan to graduate, Lincoln takes a job as a magician and auditions for various jobs.

  • And Dylan makes the honor roll and gets a birthday cake.

  • Hannah completes her training and gets her own birthday cake.

  • Lincoln overdoes it and ends up drowning. oops…

  • We now have a ghostly genie.

  • Juliana takes Lincoln’s urn to the science lab and he rejoins the household.

  • Dylan heads out for graduation.  Emma follows along with Felicia who brings Isabella.

  • Dylan graduates with Highest Honor and is Class Valedictorian.  Along with his graduation awards he has also accumulated a Framed Scout Badge, Molecular Model, Scouting Trophy, Mounted Police Badge, Framed Sports Jersey, Sports Club Participation Award, and Debate Club Participation.

  • Dylan moves out and takes Lincoln with him.  Now Juliana can invite Lincoln over to make a mutant nooboo.

  • Chimes have chimed and Juliana is pregnant with the ghost/genie baby which completes the occult cluster.

  • Isabella gets forgotten in the library which is where she grows up.  Juliana tries to teach her to walk and talk however someone is smelly, hungry, and tired.  Ok, maybe both someones.  Isabella gets to take a “nap” before her training begins in earnest.

  • Isabella finally wakes up long enough to finish her training and gets to celebrate with a birthday cake.

  • The dorm has finally become a girls dorm, after having four boys to start off Juliana has had only girls since.

  • Juliana buys another genie lamp and her genie is male again.  Amazing.  He doesn’t have anything unique so she won’t be freeing this one, although he is much cuter than Lincoln.

  • After 9 kids of tutoring glitches, the option finally shows up for Isabella.  Juliana works with Isabella to bring her grades up and hopefully get her into high school sooner.

  • Emma makes it on the honor roll with 3 days to spare.  Cake time again.

Juliana gets Isabella’s grade up to a solid B despite all of the distractions of Ballet Recital, School Awards program, and Emma’s birthday cake.  Then she goes into labor and they call it quits on the tutoring.


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