Juliana Jones


  • Friendly
  • Charismatic
  • Flirty
  • Adventurous
  • Brave

Lifetime Wish:

  • Seasoned Traveler *completed*
    • Juliana spent her first two weeks traveling.  She went to China twice, reaching visa level 3 and collecting the Pangu Axe and purchasing a Master Thief’s coin.  After finishing up there she next took a trip to France where she reached visa level 3 in one 6-day trip.  Finally she made two trips to Egypt, reaching visa level 3 and purchasing the Tear of Horus and the Sultan’s Tabernacle.

Lifetime Rewards:

  • Age Freeze Potion
    • With the completion of her lifetime wish along with the wishes fulfilled by adventuring, Juliana was able to purchase all of the rewards she needs to begin this challenge.  Her age has been frozen during the Young Adult stage with 10 days remaining to Adult.  This is the age she will remain until she blows out the candles on a birthday cake to become a “fully mature” Adult..


  • Guitar *level 8*
  • Charisma *mastered*
  • Cooking *level 1*
  • Athletics *level 6*
    • With a frozen lifespan and the need to have 26 pregnancies, Juliana is going to have a lot of time to work on skills.  After completing her lifetime wish and moving into her new house, she began the process of taking all of the classes available in town.  She will work on skills as she has down-time from the kids.  The first four skills show the levels she had achieved at the time she completed her lifetime wish.


  • Music *level 5*
    • Juliana indicated at one point she was interested in the Rock branch.  She plans to stay employed for the maternity leave if nothing else.   Juliana quit working at level 5 and has supported her growing family on the proceeds from her adventuring.


  • 200 foothill Drive *car included*
    • The results of her travels was enough simoleons to move from her starting empty lot into this 3-bedroom, fully furnished house that came with a car in the garage.  She is now ready to settle down and make some nooboos.


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