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  • Nigel Martin
    • Culinary
    • 0 Star Celebrity
    • Sagittarius
    • Hates the Outdoors / Perceptive / Hydrophobic / Nurturing / Grumpy


  • Heavy Sleeper
  • Excitable
  • Ambitious
  • Photographer’s Eye
  • Clumsy

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  • Nigel doesn’t want to give up his stuff, or he just wanted to take advantage of getting lucky.  It took a good 12 hours of woohoo to finally get the chimes.

  • Meanwhile at home, the older girls are taking care of the younger girls.

  • Emma will be graduating tomorrow, for tonight she heads out for a writing class and to register as self-employed.

  • Graduation was delayed for some reason which is going to work out well since Felicia and Grace both made the honor roll and were given a birthday cake.

  • An update on the grandkids… Suzanne (Aiden’s daughter) has become a child…

  • …and Caleb’s girlfriend August suspects she might be pregnant.

  • Juliana has just finished buying every property and business in town.  She OWNS the town now.

  • Apparently boobs are inherited because all of the girls have Juliana’s very large chest.

  • Birthday time for Hannah.

  • I still have the young adult girls at home because graduation is glitched.  I get the pop-up about having graduation but then it never happens.  I reset the home lot and will give it one more day before just moving them out.  In the meantime, Emma is writing a book and Felicia is painting.

  • Grace has an insane moment and then has a cake dinner with Hannah.

  • Isabella works on her homework so she can become a teen and Jackson just enjoys hanging out in his baby swing.

  • Juliana has been studying at the library, mastering handiness finally, and then takes a break to run by Girbits Gooder-Worthington’s party.  She doesn’t stay long and it is back to the library.

  • Grace shows off her insanity.

  • Isabella reverts into toy form for awhile.

  • Cinderella doing her chores…

  • Juliana uses up her last wish on the current genie and he moves on to his next master.

  • This would be really cute if they could actually sit like this.

  • Felicia and Grace finally get to graduate but Emma must have missed it somewhere as she doesn’t have the option.

  • Felicia graduates with Highest Honor.  She was not Voted Most Likely.  She had accumulated a Mounted Police Badge, Participation awards for Art Show and Drama Club, Best Ballet Dancer Trophy, and a Prom Picture.  She also had a Sweet Cupcake Painting from Art club.

  • Grace graduates with Highest Honor.  She was not Voted Most Likely.  She had accumulated a Best Ballet Dancer Trophy, Participation Trophies for Shop Club and Sports Club, a Mounted Police Badge, and a Prom Picture.

  • Emma moves out without the graduation ceremony having accumulated a Prom Queen Crown, Mounted Gavel Sculpture, Mounted Police Badge, Participation Trophies from Debate Club and Drama Club, Best Ballet Dancer Award, and a Prom Picture.

  • “K” is coming …

  • Updates on the older kids… starting with Aiden.
    • Career: Music / Music Talent Scout
    • Partner: None
    • Kids: Suzanne

  • Benjamin
    • Career: Consignment Specialist
    • Partner: None
    • Kids: None

  • Caleb
    • Career: Firefighter / Waterboy
    • Partner: August
    • Kids: Tate

  • Dylan
    • Career: Sports / Rookie
    • Partner: None
    • Kids: None


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