Kicking Careers into High Gear

Kicking Careers into High Gear

Career challenges were always a perennial favorite of Sims 3 players, so it’s no surprise we are quickly introducing one for Sims 4. Cap as many careers as you can for your two Sims by the time they turn Elder.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create two Young Adult Sims.
  • No one can move out.
  • If one of your Sims dies, then continue with the remaining Sim.
  • No adding to the household.
  • All maxed jobs must be unique. Each branch of a given career is considered a unique career. So, Sim A could max the Chef branch of the Culinary Career and Sim B could max the Mixology branch, but not the Chef branch since Sim A already had.
  • All rewards counted to add to your multiplier must be unique. So, if Sim A caps one branch of a career and unlocks a low level reward, and Sim B caps the other branch of the same career and also unlocks the same reward you only count that reward once for your multiplier.
  • No life extension methods are allowed.
  • This challenge ends when both Sims have their Elder birthday.


Scoring is based on how many unique careers have been maxed as well as collecting as many different job related rewards.

Career Cap — Award yourself 1200 points for any maxed career unique to a Sim.

6 – 9 — If you did not cap a given career but at least made it to level 6, then award yourself 200 points for each higher level (i.e. making it to level 8 would net you 600 points).

Rewards — Your multiplier is the total number of unique physical/placeable objects you get as perks for hitting certain levels in various careers. Simply unlocking the objects is not enough to count them towards your multiplier. They need to be placed. Everyone starts the game with a reward multiplier of 1.00.

Do not get rid of any rewards during the course of the challenge, so you can get an accurate count at the end of the event.

Each reward adds 5% (.05) to your multiplier.

DO NOT ask in this thread if a certain item qualifies as a reward. PM the team with your question.

Total — Add up the number of job caps from your two Sims. Then take that amount and multiply it by your rewards. I’ll walk you through an example.

Example: Both of your Sims have turned Elder, so it’s time to stop playing your file. At this point they have hit 11 different career caps. One Sim also made it to level 7 in one career, and the other Sim made it to level 8. They have also acquired 15 different rewards.
11 job caps = 13200 points
6 – 9 = 400 points (for the level 7 career) + 600 points (for the level 8 career)
15 rewards X .05 = .75. Final multiplier = 1.00 + .75 = 1.75
Your Total = (13200 + 1000) X 1.75 = 24850


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