Last Call for Smirnoff

Flora is quickly a child and heads off to the School of Peace and Love.  Four down, One to go.

Celeste quickly became one of my favorites, for the simple reason is she came with purple hair. She will get to stay with Basil in the house after the others move out.

Celeste finishes up her toddler training, {yawn}, and heads off to Fort Starch Military School.

Gobias is allowed to run free as long as he keeps the garden tended.

Henry spends his time hunting.  He finally catches the Red Assassin Beetles that Smirnoff needs for the China adventure.

The adults are getting pretty boring, it is about time for Basil to come home from school.  Graduation is in 3 days.

Oh, yes… Smirnoff frees the genie, Deena who joins the family.


  • Loner
  • Natural Cook
  • Disciplined
  • Genius
  • Adventurous

Lifetime Wish

  • Celebrated Five Star Chef

The kids slowly finish up their elementary years and re-enroll for their teen years.  When Celeste becomes a teen Gobias fulfills his lifetime wish.

Tally of Lifetime Wishes Completed

  • Bottomless Nectar Cellar [Smirnoff]
  • Surrounded by Family [Gobias]


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