Law Enforcement – Forensics

Prerequisites – NONE

“Go ahead and call for help, nobody will listen.”

The local police and fire departments are in shambles and unable to do their job. A strong air of anarchy and lawlessness has swept the region. Violent gangs of anarchists prey on the old and weak.


    • Your sims may not purchase burglar alarms or fire alarms.
    • Your sims may not use the “Emergency” tab on the phones.
    • Your sims may not choose “Call Police” during a robbery if they happen to click on themselves.
    • Your sims may not choose “Call Fire Department” if they happen to click on themselves during a fire.
    • Child sims may only leave the lot for school. They must come home immediately after school and may not stay to tend to bug cages or other opportunities. They may also not go over to friends’ houses after school.
    • Teenage and Elder sims that have less than 10 Athletics may not leave the lot for any reason, including going to work or community lots.
      • Elder sims may move out of the household regardless of their Athletics skill if Comforting Children and Military restrictions are lifted.
    • Your sims may not take a job as a Fire Fighter or use the alternate rules to clear the fire fighting restrictions (emergency services are in shambles, remember?)
    • Children and Teenage sims may not go to boarding school (also restricted by Day Care, Education, Military, Politics, and Law Enforcement – International Super Spy).
    • Your sims may not purchase Carefree, Inappropriate But In A Good Way, Meditative Trance Sleep, or Observant Lifetime Wishes.

Once an honest and steadfast Cop from the family emerges and powers their way to the head of the Forensic department, they can clean up the streets and restore order, allowing police and fire fighters to once again help people. The Law Enforcement – Dynamic DNA Profiler restrictions are lifted. The burglar alarm may be purchased and used, even if the Science restriction has not been lifted.


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