Law Enforcement – Secret Agent

Prerequisites – NONE
“Trust no one.”
The entire region is devastated. Zombies, bandits, motorcycle gangs, and even fans of Master of Orion 3 roam the land, mercilessly taking from those that try to rebuild. Locked behind closed doors and barred windows, many pray that the evils roaming the wastes never find them. When something starts banging at the door and eerie shadows loom through windows, terror grips the heart. Is that a call for help? Is someone begging for their life, hoping, praying that someone will save them? Or worse – could it be a group of bandits, waiting for someone to unlock their door so they can break in and take whatever they please? Everyone’s afraid of what’s waiting for them outside.
Sims have no choice but to make do with the limited goods provided by the only trusted supplier in the region. People sit and hope, waiting for the day when they can trust again. No one asks questions and no one exchanges packages. Sims do not venture from their homes without an escort, except to go to work or school.


    • Sims may not play games on the computer, nor may they play video games on the TV or with the virtual reality helmet.
    • Proposals to move in may only be offered by the sim who is in love and will produce the next generation with the new household member.
    • Sims may not chat online, surf the internet, blog, or make forum posts.
    • Sims may not hire or socialise with Service Sims (like the mail carrier, the butler, the maid, etc).
    • Sims may not visit most community lots or go out into the greater neighbourhood alone – they must take a friend or family member along using the “go with” interaction – except for going to perform their job.
      • If your sim has jobs to perform in the community, such as a doctor holding a vaccination clinic, a Film – Director scoping out filming locations, a Fire Fighter going to a burning building, etc. – you may only do these things once Military is lifted.
      • You may wander your immediate vicinity without an escort. You are restricted to your own street within 5 houses in direct line of sight to yours on either side of you (on the same side of the street and on the opposite side of the street), or to the nearest cross walk – whichever is closer. You can’t go inside other people’s homes unless you are friends with them until Law Enforcement – Dynamic DNA Profiler is cleared, and you can only visit their lots between the hours of 7am and 5pm.
      • Children, teenagers, and elders with less than 10 Athletics are still restricted to staying only on the home lot if Law Enforcement – Dynamic DNA Profiler has not been cleared.
      • If there is a community lot within the above boundaries, you are allowed to visit it even if Military has not been cleared, within the time restriction and without an escort, though your actions there are still restricted by whatever other challenge rules still remain in place (eg no eating if Culinary has not been lifted, no talking to paparazzi, child and teen sims cannot visit unless Law Enforcement – Dynamic DNA Profiler cleared, etc).
    • Sims from the household may only leave the home lot between the game hours of 7am and 5pm except to travel to and from work or work related opportunties that take place at a rabbit hole venue. They may not visit other sims’ houses or go to community lots to socialise with other sims outside these hours.
    • Sims may only be invited to come to visit during daylight hours, and they must leave the home lot by midnight.
    • Sims may not travel abroad for adventures (also restricted by Military, Music – Symphonic, and Politics).
    • Sims may not learn the Nectar making skill.
    • Sims may not purchase the fortune cookie factory or make fortune cookies on community lots.
    • Sims may not purchase a Gnubb set or play Gnubb.
    • Paparazzi cannot always be kept out of the house, even if they are not friends. You do not fail the challenge if paparazzi enter the house, but you may not socialise with them at all.
    • Children and Teenage sims may not go to boarding school (also restricted by Day Care, Education, Law Enforcement – Dynamic DNA Profiler, Military, and Politics).
    • Adults may not leave on the “free” vacation (also restricted by Day Care, Military, and Politics).
    • Sims may not purchase the Collection Helper (also restricted by Alien Technology), Jet-setter, Learned Relic Hunter, or Prepared Traveler Lifetime Rewards.

Out of the shadows shines a light. While they work in secretive and mysterious ways, the recently re-instated SCIA brings trust back into everyday living. With thoroughly checked out agents filling the ranks, operatives are sent out to clearly distinguish friend from foe. Information travels quickly and soon everyone knows who is trustworthy and who is not.

As the paranoia fades, a sense of community blossoms. Sims ask questions of their neighbours to learn about them. Gifts are no longer looked upon with suspicion. No longer paralysed with worries about bandits and looters, Sims find ways to furnish their homes more comfortably. The Law Enforcement – International Super Spy restrictions are lifted.


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