Let’s Paint, Part 2

This challenge was created by MelodyOkie over at Neighborly Sims.

Part 1 – Childhood

Part 2 – Teenage Years

  • Teenage Trait: Art Lover

Besides attending school – (no skipping school!!) and keeping up with the homework (must do their homework!!), this well-rounded Teen will also have a part-time job.

05-16-16_7-10-14 PM

Choose the Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration and complete the following Milestones:

Milestone 1:

  • Start 3 paintings while inspired (75)
  • Paint for 5 hours (does not have to be consecutively) (75)

Mona-Lisa studies hard and earns an A.

05-16-16_7-36-55 PM

Milestone 2:

  • Achieve Level 4 of the Painting skill (300)
  • Sell 3 Paintings to collectors or Art Gallery (250)
  • Complete 3 emotional paintings (200)

05-19-16_5-21-11 PM

Milestone 3:

  • Achieve Level 6 of the Painting Skill (500)
  • View or Admire 3 Paintings at an Art Museum (350)
  • Complete 10 Excellent Paintings (500)

Completing the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration

05-19-16_5-34-03 PM

Milestone 4:

  • Achieve Level 10 Painting Skill (1500)
  • Complete 5 Masterpieces (1250)

Reaching level 3 as a Barista.

05-19-16_7-03-05 PM

Passing time with the boyfriend, Barry Buchanan

05-19-16_6-27-53 PM

Total Points: 5000

05-19-16_7-08-23 PM

Part 3: Young Adult and Beyond


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