Lightning Legacy, Chapter 12

Rhea is a teen!  This generation is actually growing up

The kids are way too close = three toddlers at a time

Chase as a child

Abby is playing with the tablet

The nanny still hasn’t left and prays for monsters the entire time the kids are asleep.  It doesn’t work

Rhea teaches Abby how to dance

Running around

Kelly is out of the bassinet

Noah is Independent

More Kelly Spam

Abby is a child

Very angry Kelly

Hanging out on the couch

Theo finally comes to the end of his very long life – 10 natural births + 1 adoption by 2 mothers = only 2 green babies

Everyone mourns in their own way

Haven comes by to have her picture taken

Not planned – Rhea catches on fire.

Everyone routes to the front and leaves Rhea to burn alone

More mourning, just as everyone recovers from Theo’s death

Chase completes the creativity aspiration

Abby works on the motor aspiration

Rieko finally gets back to work as a Musician

Quiet play time – finally

and Noah is a child


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