Lightning Legacy, Chapter 15

Kelly downloads a house from the gallery and sets to work.

Her first project is Hugh Hammer

Taking it “slow”

Kelly proposes once they reach best friends and have maxed their romantic bar

The couple celebrate their honeymoon by taking a vacation – Cheese Eyeballs for dinner

A little bit of time fishing to let the plants grow

Chilling out in the overwatch

Love in the woods

Woohoo in front of the hermit (this might be why she is a hermit)

Kelly sets herself on fire at the campfire.

They enjoy their vacation – and the hermit’s cabin

When they get home, Kelly shares some big news

Hugh sets himself on fire >.< more than once.

Kelly puts out the fire.  I came close to letting him burn the second time.

Blackened and stinky – Hugh runs to safety while Kelly deals with the fire

Baby Harmony joins the family…

…and becomes a toddler

More toddler spam

Every time one of the adults “check on” Harmony, she asks to go to the potty.  Every. Single. Time.

Perfect toddler meal – popcorn and ice cream

Comfort from mom (clingy toddler)

Bedtime story

Family movie


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