Lily Jones

Who’s Your Daddy?

  • Robbie Platt
    • Law Enforcement
    • 0 Star Celebrity
    • Aries
    • Inappropriate / Daredevil / Hot-Headed / Light Sleeper / Natural Born Performer / Can Apprehend Burglar


  • Easily Impressed
  • Brave
  • Hydrophobic
  • Light Sleeper
  • Savvy Sculptor

Hidden Traits:

  • Can Apprehend Burglar

Firefighter Super Hero


  • Emma, Felicia, and Grace move out to start their new life.

  • Jackson and Keith’s imaginary friend dolls.

  • Vampire playing with the ghosty genie.

  • Juliana finishes teaching Jackson to walk, talk, and potty.

  • Party time for Jackson.

  • Isabella makes the honor roll so it is time for another birthday cake.

  • The birthday party goes awry though.  My very first birthday cake fire.

  • Isabella is going to try this birthday cake thing one more time.

  • Caleb’s son, Tate is now a toddler.

  • Juliana appreciates her incoming bundle while Keith potty trains.

  • Baby Time – L is making an appearance.


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