Living the Aspirations

I have decided to attempt to work my way through each of the aspirations.  Once i finish the aspirations, I may go back through and hit the careers.

Starting off is Trinity Dillard, Bodybuilder.

Trinity was downloaded from the Gallery and was originally created by LilPimpsMama.  The only change I made was to her traits.  Originally she was Athletic, Ambitious, and Loner; now she is Athletic, Cheerful, and Bro.

(1) Basic Trainer

  • Work out for 8 total hours
  • Work out at a gym venue

(2) Exercise Demon

  • Achieve level 4 fitness skill
  • Push the limits for 1 hour while energized
  • Own 2 pieces of workout equipment

(3) Fit to a T

  • Achieve level 6 fitness skill
  • Go jogging for 2 total hours
  • Spend 10 hours exercising

(4) Bodybuilder

  • Reach sim’s maximum body potential
  • Achieve level 10 fitness skill

Completed 7 days to birthday, Saturday 4:13am.  It would have been faster but she took a job for income and hooked up with Don Lothario in order to maintain her social needs.

Purchased Connections and Gym Rat traits.

Received High Metabolism for choosing Athletics and Long Lived for completing Bodybuilder

09-26-15_11-32-08 AM


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