Look What’s in Store for You!

Look What’s in Store for You!

What’s in store for you? Open up a retail store and find out!

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create two Young Adult Human Sims in CAS from scratch.
  • No household additions allowed.
  • If you conceive a child through alien abduction, you must send the child back to homeworld immediately after birth.  Click on the bassinet.
  • Simray Gun and Cloning Machine can be sold, but cannot be used.
  • Create Copy Interaction is banned.
  • Sure Sale Retail Perk — You cannot queue up multiple times while using this perk.  One time every 4 hours only per household.
  • No moving, except to purchase a single empty retail lot. No additional retail lots allowed.
  • You are allowed a one time transfer of $10,000 to your retail store. After that – no transferring money to retail store. However, you can transfer money from retail to household.
  • Everything you buy for your retail store (furniture, decorations, etc) must come out of retail funds.
  • Tools you buy to create items at your retail store must come out of retail funds.
  • Inventions: this is the only item you are allowed to make at work and sell at retail store.
  • Serums: you must unlock Chemistry Lab Set from work, then place the set on retail lot to make serums.
  • While on the retail lot, you cannot sell anything in your household inventory or personal inventory.  You can however sell a decoration and replace it with another equal or higher value decoration.
  • You cannot sell the retail store at the end of the challenge. No selling furniture, decorations, deleting walls, etc to inflate retail funds.
  • Retail weeks begin on Sunday and end on Saturday.
  • You are only allowed to sell one type of item each retail week with no repeating of item types. Nothing you purchase from Buy Mode can be sold in your store. Everything must be found or crafted. Allowed types of items are…
    • Aliens
    • Books (from writing skill)
    • Comedy Books (from comedy skill)
    • Crystals
    • Drinks & Potions (from mixology skill)
    • Elements
    • Fishes (must be unmounted and not in a bowl)
    • Focused Paintings (from logic skill)
    • Fossils
    • Frogs
    • Geodes
    • Insects
    • Inventions (from Science Career)
    • Meals (from homestyle/gourmet/baking cooking skill – single or group servings)
    • Metals
    • Microscope Prints
    • MySims Trophies
    • Paintings (from painting skill)
    • Photographs (from photography skill)
    • Remedies (from herbalism skill)
    • Serums (from Science Career)
    • Space Prints
    • Space Rocks
    • Woodworking Items (from handiness skill)


  • This challenge ends at the end of 6 weeks (Saturday, 11:59 PM).


Retail Funds — At the end of 6 weeks (Saturday, 11:59 PM) open the Retail Store tab and note your retail funds.


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