Mandarin Fruit, Gen Two, Chapter 6

The Slippery Slope

Once you start down the slippery slope it is hard to stop.





Mandy will need to cook everyone’s favorite meals this generation.  As the household is small this will be an easy challenge.  She worked her cooking skill up to level 9 and learned their specific recipes so she is ready.  I may adjust this challenge where everyone must cook their own favorite recipe.

  • Mandy … Grilled Salmon … Completed
  • Quince … Cobbler
  • Rowan … Cheesesteak



And then Mandy gets an interesting visitor.  Lori comes to visit to let Mandy know that she is sorry they argued and still wants to be friends.  She announces her current pregnancy and her recent marriage to Moses.  Finally, Mandy can’t keep quiet any longer and she tells Lori the truth.






After Lori leaves, Mandy handles the situation with her usual maturity and good decision making.


Umm, except that is not Moses.  I do believe that is Daniel McKenna, a grown up babysitter.


Daniel hangs around afterwards because, apparently, in the excitement the babies had become toddlers.  See, I told you I didn’t do birthday cakes for anyone except perfect children. 😉


Mandy begins the process of training two toddlers to walk and talk and use the potty.  She finds being a single mom to toddlers is a lot more demanding than it was with two infants.




As she rolled Opportunist, Mandy is having to accept every opportunity, which is giving her, and me, a lot of variety in what she does.  She has been playing her different instruments, because as a perfect child she has the beginnings of many skills.  She also received the Oh My Ghost opportunity.  In keeping with the challenge, she completed the opportunity with Erik Darling and immediately kicked him out.  So long Darling, I mean Erik.


Finally, she gets to take a breath and we meet the boys.  Since they are twins, I am reserving the option to choose the heir; however, Rowan was the second born and will be considered to be heir (as the youngest) unless he grows up stupid or ugly.  In order to not play favorites, though, they are identical at this point.  So much so, that I can’t tell them apart unless I look at their names.





Mandy escaped to the library to study because the house was too noisy with the boys constantly crying for food or changes or because they were sleepy.  She was constantly rolling wishes for a babysitter and to leave the lot.  She was allowed to leave in order to study cooking and complete an opportunity.


The boys, Rowan in particular, are especially close to this babysitter.  But he is about to age out and they will get a new one.




Apparently Lori divorced Moses after finding out about his indiscretion, which made Mandy happy.  Moses called her up and invited her to a party, which also made Mandy happy.  Finally she is going to get her man, or so she thought. But why is she blowing hearts and thinking about Barnaby while she was kissing Moses.




Unfortunately it was not to be.  Moses informed her he had already met someone else and proposed and was moving that afternoon and they were getting married the next day.  Thanks story progression for being so aggressive in keeping these two apart for me.  I can almost believe you know that it just isn’t meant to be for them.


Once again, Mandy handles things so very well.



Barnaby Bunch is a friend of Moses and Mandy and he is currently wondering just what he has done.  After all, he is married with three kids.


Mandy will not be winning the mother of the year award and she is probably lucky children’s services haven’t been by yet.


Somehow, and I am not sure where she found the time, but somehow she got both boys to the library just long enough to read the three painting books before their birthday.



Barnaby decides he doesn’t want to play friends with benefits anymore and he has the gall to call her the cheater. Seriously, he is the one who is cheating.  She tells him she isn’t interested in calling him again anyway and he leaves.


Mandy then calls Daniel and invites him over to spend the night.  He is still single and would love to make it something permanent with her but she is still hoping she can catch Moses between marriages.


And with all this drama, the boys have just become children.  Of course, they now having that aging glitch where Rowan is one day older than Quince even through he was born second.  And I still can’t tell them apart, yet.  I will get better pictures in the next update.  Everything seems to happen at night right now.






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