Mandarin Fruit, Gen Two, Chapter 8

Settling down from all the drama…

The household managed to hit a little over $400,000 before the end of generation 1, so generation 2 has had some moolah to play with.  When the boys learned to drive, Mandy bought each of them a new car and a snazzy number for herself.


The boys are quite a handful for Mandy and she has to scold them for skipping school.  Quince swears it was because of the bus – even though he was already AT school, he just had to run home to ride the bus back to school.  He didn’t really skip, he was just 4 hours late.


Despite everything, when Mandy is offered an opportunity for a free trip, she decides to leave the teens at home alone.  What could possibly go wrong?


And her boys wouldn’t throw a teen party without permission!




And Rowan wouldn’t skip school to go fishing!


But the boys being who they are couldn’t help but find themselves in the library catching up on their reading.


Mandy was not happy when she came home to 3 broken sinks, 2 stopped up toilets, a broken shower, dishwasher, and trash compactor.  And the mess was horrendous.  She had a serious talk with Rowan and it took days for him to get out of the doghouse



Finally, Mandy is getting married.  Welcome to the family Daniel.  Daniel who will have no job and just hang around the house playing the piano all day long.

  • Daniel McKenna
  • Charismatic, Virtuoso, Kleptomaniac, Star Quality, Family-Oriented
  • Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous




Gourmet completed – all in one sitting – which was a pain in the butt to get them to all eat at the exact same time.

  • Mandy … Grilled Salmon … Completed
  • Quince … Cobbler … Completed
  • Rowan … Cheesesteak … Completed
  • Daniel … Ratatouille … Completed


It is time for Rowan to start thinking about getting a girlfriend.  Subtle he isn’t – he sends a love letter to every teenage girl who is acquainted with to see which one might be harboring secret feelings for him.


It takes a few misses before he finally catches one that doesn’t throw him back.


Not to be left behind, Quince also finds one he thinks is nice.


And timing is everything because Mandy completes her lifetime wish two days before the boys grow up.



And it finally happens that one of the big houses is on the market.  Mandy promptly moves the entire family in the middle of the night so the house doesn’t slip through their fingers.


With that is now birthday time.  Since the boys are twins, they will of course age up together.  As Quince will have to move out within 24 hours, he doesn’t have time to wait around for Kaitlin to catch up.  So they have a double birthday cake and a private wedding.  Kaitlin is a Bachelor so they move in with her parents after getting married.


While waiting for Rowan to age naturally, Mandy and Daniel break in their new bed.


Is it time, finally?


Instead of cake for Alyson, she gets hit with an Age of Instant after Rowan becomes a young adult.  I took some aging liberties with the everyone other than Rowan in order to get them into or out of the house on the day he became a young adult.



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