Prerequisites – None

“It’s the dark ages once again.”

The plumbing has been severely damaged in the region. Water brought to the house is dirty and unsanitary. To make things worse, local drug stores have been cleaned out by looters.


    • Sims may not go to the hospital to receive medical advice.
    • Showers and bathtubs of all types may not be purchased or used at home or on a “community lot.
    • Dish washers may not be purchased or used.
    • Pools may not be built or used. There isn’t enough clean water to waste on recreation.
    • Sprinklers may not be used.
    • Whenever Sims woohoo, they MUST choose “Try for baby”. If ‘try for baby’ is not an option when it reasonably SHOULD be, they may not woohoo. (Unless the sim is already known to be pregnant, too old to get pregnant or the two Sims woohooing are the same gender).
    • Sims may not use laundry facilities. What fresh water remains available is too precious to waste on clothes.
    • Doctor sims may not conduct health clinics, try experimental procedures or give medical advice.
    • You MUST have a hamper on the lot
    • Sims may not purchase or use hot tubs of any kind
    • Sims may not get Plastic Surgery
    • Sims may not purchase a cure for vampirism (both Medical and Science must be cleared for that)
    • Sims may not use Cure elixirs on themselves or other sims (also restricted by Fortune Teller – Mystic)
    • You may not swim in the ocean.
    • Sims may not purchase Steel Bladder, Fertility Treatment, Speedy Cleaner or Dirt Defiant lifetime rewards.

Once a leader in the medical field emerges from the family, they lead the Green Cross restoration effort. This restores clean running water to the region and brings supplies of medicine and contraceptives to the people who need it. The medical restrictions are lifted.


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