Metro’s Haven – Yes You Can!

Metro’s Haven—Yes You Can! – ended July 21, 2013

Every once in awhile we loosen the rules and allow players to use static needs and Buydebug. Rica approached me a couple months ago and said we should do two skill events in tandem that were sort of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde kind of thing going on— a yin and a yang. So, this is what we present…I am the teddy bear on the forum so I got the easy one…Rica typically has the firmer hand so she jumped at the chance of penning the meat grinder version. :) Enjoy.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create 2 Young Adult Sims and a Pet (Pets are not mandatory, so you can still score your 2 Sims if you do not have the Pets expansion).
  • The only life state restriction is Sims are not allowed to become mermaids.
  • No restrictions on adding to the household but only your 3 starting members will be scored.
  • All skill points in any given skill must be unique to one of your 3 starting members —i.e. if Sim A has 1 point in cooking, then cooking if totally off limits for the other 2 scoring members (but not other household members that would not be scored).
  • 14 days University/travel allowed for each scoring Sim.
  • You are allowed to turn on Make Needs Static at the mailbox AFTER a scoring household member has maxed a skill.
  • You may purchase ONE skilling object using the Buydebug cheat after a scoring household member has completed a skill challenge. Only skilling objects may be purchased with Buydebug. Non Buydebug skilling objects have no purchase restrictions.
  • Make Needs Static and Buydebug are the only allowed cheats for this challenge.
  • This challenge concludes at the end of 4 weeks (Week 4, Day 7, 11:59 PM).


Note: Only your 3 starting members can be scored.

Maxed Skills — At the conclusion of the challenge, pause your game and look at your notes. Any maxed skill = 1000 points.

Skill Points — For any skill that is not maxed give yourself 50 points per skill level.

Challenges — Everyone begins with a Challenges multiplier of 1.00. Completing Skill Challenges adds 5% (.05) to the multiplier. Important: You can add to the multiplier by completing the various Collecting and Consignment challenges — just remember that those two skills are not true skills that can be maxed.

Total — Add up your Maxed Skills and your Skill Points and then multiply by the Challenges.

Let’s go through an example: The challenge comes to an end and you pause your game. At that point you have maxed 13 skills. You have 5 other non-maxed skills with 30 total skill points. Finally, you were able to complete 15 skill challenges.

13 maxed skills = 13000
30 skill points in non-maxed skills = 1500
15 skill challenges X .05 = .75. Final multiplier = 1.00 + .75 = 1.75.

Total = (13000 + 1500) X 1.75 = 25375


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