Mid Point Move

The lag has become really irritating. Additionally graduation is borked so it is time to pack everyone up and move them to a new home. Making the move will be all of Juliana’s kids and their kids and significant others.  If I can figure out how to get the tourist daddies into the file, the daddies will also move.  The final tally is 7 families and 45 sims.  The Jones’ have moved to Appaloosa Plains.

  • Juliana’s Household
    • Juliana
    • Hannah
    • Isabella
    • Jackson
    • Keith
    • Lily
    • Madelyn

  • Aiden’s Household
    • Aiden Jones
    • Tiffanie Best
    • Suzanne Foster

  • Benjamin’s Household
    • Benjamin Jones
    • January Elson
    • Wesley Elson

  • Caleb’s Household
    • Caleb Jones
    • Tate Woods

  • Dylan’s Household
    • Dylan Jones

  • Emma’s Household
    • Emma Jones
    • Reid Kasmir

  • Felicia’s Household
    • Felicia Jones-Gooder
    • Bernard Jones-Gooder

  • Grace’s Household
    • Grace Jones
    • Alora Platt

  • Baby Daddies Household
    • Antone Formaggio-Swann
    • Rags Muffin
    • Nigel Martin
    • Robbie Platt
    • Octavio Bell-Klone
    • Bao Louie
    • Raffi Barrakat
    • Jules Fournier

  • Ghost Daddies also made the move with the family.
    • Isaac Luck
    • Seth Monroe
    • Chad Luck
    • Addison Batez
    • Lincoln Smalley
  • Random Sims Included to Maintain Family Tree
    • Duane and Angela Bell-Monroe

  • The family tree at the time of the move.

  • Also making the trip was the gnome collection.  As far as I can tell the only things they lost was everything in the family inventory except for the two sarcophagi – Juliana had reassembled a Blessed and a Cursed during her travels.  She lost the treasure chest, both martial arts items, and the fortune cookie machine.


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