Miles and Miles to Go

My current (revived) Differences in the Family Tree attempt. It is very possible this will be my last Sims 3 challenge attempt. We will see how this progresses…

Objectives by Generation

Generation Updates / Each generation will receive a single update. 

  1. Farmer/Fisherman: Fiona Miles (Sunset Valley) [2] =2
  2. Singer/Writer/Painter: Delilah Miles (Starlight Shores) [2] =4
  3. Explorer/Inventor/Firefighter/Cook: Juliette Miles (Twinbrook) [4] =8
  4. Family/Daycare/Music: Pia Miles (Hidden Springs) [3] =11
  5. Athlete/Fortune Teller/Alchemist/Witch/Toadification: Beau Miles (Moonlight Falls & Dragon Valley) [5] =16
  6. In the Spotlight/Celebrity/Film/Mixologist/Vampire: Willow Miles (Bridgeport) [5] =21
  7. Criminal/Law Enforcement: Adrian Miles (Lucky Palms) [2] =23
  8. Service/Military: Felicity Miles and Janette Miles (Riverview) [5] =28
  9. Animals Galore: Jeffrey Miles (Appaloosa Plains) [4] =32
  10. Politics: Penny Miles (Monte Vista & Roaring Heights) [1] =33
  11. Musician/Sculptor/Fairy: Caryl Miles (Aurora Skies & Barnacle Bay) [3] =36
  12. Science/Doctor/Plantsim: Briar Miles (Lunar Lakes) [3] =39
  13. Time Travel/Ghost Hunter/Bots/Magician/Heartbreaker: Ariel Miles (Midnight Hollow) [5] =44
  14. University: Lucy Miles (Sunlit Tides) [4] =48
  15. Bit ‘o Everything: Zylen Miles (Barnacle Bay) [2] =50

Generations Completed: 15
Objective Sets Completed: 50


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