Prerequisites – None

“The government advises all citizens to lock their doors and remain indoors.”

The mobs of radiated zombies wandering the streets make it unsafe to travel anywhere but a select few highways. Neighborhoods are scattered as nobody is willing to risk traveling just to visit with friends. The roads to and from local colleges are blocked. Your founder just barely made it back to the neighborhood.


    • Sims may not travel to any community lots except to go to school or go to work.
    • Sims leaving their place of work must return immediately home. They must not loiter.
      • You may go in to work early and you may stay to work overtime.
      • If you have an opportunity at your job location, you may complete it IMMEDIATELY AFTER your work shift, before you start home. You must return home immediately upon completion of the opportunity.
    • You may not invite over any Sims… with three exceptions….
      • If you have a romantic involvement with a sim, you may invite them over at any time.
      • If you have a car placed on your lot, you may also invite sims over that your sim is friends with.
      • If you do NOT have a car, your sim must be BEST friends with a sim before you can invite them over.
    • You may still hail and socialize with walk-bys as normal.
    • Teenage and child Sims may not leave the home except to go to school. They may not be off the lot at all after 3pm.
    • Sims may not “Find own place” or otherwise move out of the house.
    • Sims may not leave the neighborhood to go on adventures.
    • Sims may not Zeneport places. (Also Restricted by Athletic).
    • Teen and child sims may not complete after school opportunities. They must come home immediately.
    • If teen or child sims are invited over to someone’s house after school, they may not. They must come home immediately
    • Sims may not take the subway (it’s full of zombies) even if science has been cleared.
    • Adults may not leave on the “free” vacation (also restricted by Day Care, Politics and Law Enforcement – International Super Spy)
    • Children and Teen sims may not go to boarding school (also restricted by Education, Day Care, Politics, Law Enforcement – Dynamic DNA Profiler and Law Enforcement – International Super Spy)
    • You may not swim in the ocean.
    • Sims may not purchase Teleportation Pad (also restricted by Alien Technology) or Multi-Tasker lifetime rewards.

Once a brave general from the family leads the local National Guard in a strike force against the zombie hordes, the streets will become safe to travel again and the military restriction is lifted.


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