More Smirnoff Please

Gobias has his birthday and his loser trait is really working against him on his lifetime wish so he spends some points and changes his wish to Surrounded by Family.  And he really needs a new hair style…


Basil completes elementary school at Dribbledine and decides to remain through his teen years.


  • Athletic
  • Disciplined
  • Animal Lover
  • Handy

With a new lifetime wish of Surrounded by Family and a desire to explore all of the boarding school, child number four is promptly adopted.  As watermelons aren’t working on producing girls, Flora is adopted.  She will be attending the School of Peace and Love.

As I need a break from toddler training it is time for Smirnoff to travel some more so first things first, Arthur grows up and heads off to Smuggsworth Prep School.  Flora has finished her toddler training and Celeste is adopted as a baby.  It is as if the game knows my plans, seriously I did not change their traits.  Celeste will be attending Fort Starch Military School.

The traits they each came with as infants + child trait:

  • Basil: Disciplined/Athletic + Animal Lover
  • Alexander: Loves the Outdoors/Friendly + Virtuoso
  • Arthur: Artistic/Easily Impressed + Bookworm
  • Flora: Good/Clumsy + Eccentric
  • Celeste: Brave/Athletic + Handy

And before Smirnoff can leave for her trip she celebrates her birthday.  She is now a ‘mature’ adult.  Whatever that means.

She makes another wish of the genie for long life in which she receives 21 additional days giving her 41 days until she becomes an elder.  Her last wish will be to free the genie once she returns from China.  Since Gobias is getting old and sleeps a lot she hires a babysitter to stay with him and the kids while she is gone this time.  She isn’t too upset though as he finally discovered how to make a potion to turn an imaginary friend into a real person.

You know it is bad when the babysitter comes to work wearing a helmet…

Gobias spends his time in the garden now that he is not working.

While Henry is always hunting and leaving the critters around the house for someone to find or laying on the counter. OK so this isn’t a picture on the counter but trust me, he is always on the counter, generally right above his food bowl.

Flora is the cryingest baby.  Really she cries all the time.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the non-stop toddler training she was subjected to and the fact she was constantly exhausted or stinky or hungry.  Absolutely nothing, I say.


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