Music – Rock Star

Prerequisites – None

“Wanna see my picture on the cover (Stone) Wanna buy five copies for my mother (Yes) (Stone) Wanna see my smilin’ face on the cover of the Rollin’ Stone’” Dr. Hook

Amongst the toxic ash and hoards of zombies lies a region of despair. Sims are not able to psychologically calm themselves enough to meditate. They are constantly off balance: either anxious or apathetic. Rhythm is lost to them and nobody even considers tapping their foot or humming, let alone playing a piano or a bass guitar. Stores containing stereo equipment have been cleared out by looters or destroyed in the wreckage. All dance and music left the region when the famous rock bands fled.


    • The ONLY instrument that may be purchased is the acoustic guitar
    • Sims may not sign autographs or hold autograph sessions.
    • Sims may not attend concerts.
    • Sims may not perform music for other sims in public
    • The extra songs may not be purchased from the book store for any instrument.
    • Sims may not choose to sing or learn songs.
    • EXCEPT for sims in the Music career attempting to lift this restriction, no sims may play or learn the guitar skill.
    • Sims may not dance at all.
    • Sims may not meditate
    • Sims may not form bands or perform in public (parties or lounges), or even at the park
    • Dance floors may not be purchased.
    • Club lighting and effects machines may not be purchased.
    • Sims may not go to bars, lounges or clubs.
    • No one may learn the Bass, Piano or Drums.
    • Sims may not purchase Complimentary Entertainment lifetime reward.

Once a talented rock star rises in the family, and walks into a crowd of survivors, it took only a solid, steady beat and the thrum of their guitar. The crowd started swaying in rhythm to the music as the rock and roll legend screams out the defiant lyrics of a song meant to raise the masses. A mighty mosh pit of swaying, dancing sims filled the street. Having worked out their fears and pent up frustrations in the primal dance, sims now have a clear mind able to concentrate on learning musical scores for many instruments. They are also able to meditate once again.


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