Music – Symphony

Prerequisites – None

The skies are dark and packed with clouds
No more concerts, no more crowds
The land sleeps in a blanket of snow
Waiting for the start of the show
All that’s missing is the lead
For the land to wake and take heed
Blast Mother Nature’s eardrums out
Show grandfather winter what you’re about
Make the existence look and nod
To the emergence of the Symphonic God

The celestial music has stopped. Clouds cover the sky yet nothing but toxic ash rains down upon the land. Sims despair of ever seeing the symphony of a babbling brook or the chimes of insects whirring as they move from flower to flower ever again. On sim, however, still hears the music, deep in their soul, and they set out to release it in all it’s power and glory.


    • Items from the buy menu may not be placed outdoors. Everything must be covered by a roof or awning of some sort.
      • Delivered items (newspapers, bills etc) do not count for this restriction.
      • Cars are a noted exception. They can survive the rigors of the outdoors.
      • Bicycles MUST be under a roof since they are not as durable as cars.
    • Features from the Fountains, Pools and Ponds features (not swimming pool, the other kind of pool) may not be placed.
    • Foliage – trees, shrubs and flowers may not be placed.(also restricted by The Amazing Naturalist)
    • You may not build or swim in an outdoor swimming pool (it freezes over)
    • Sims cannot garden or go fishing. The land and the waters are all dormant. (also restricted by The Amazing Naturalist)
    • You may not purchase or use Solar Panels or the Windmill (also restricted by Science).
    • Sims may not use telescopes as the skies are too cloudy to see anything. (also restricted by Science)
    • Sims may not go on International Adventures because the weather is too rough to permit flight.
    • Wishes may not be promised

With a mighty chord and a mighty roar
The icy grasp of winter is no more

All of the Music restrictions are lifted when your sim braves the elements and the zombies and puts on a one man show. The very elements seem to react to the thunderous booms of synthesized kettle drums and the crash of cymbals. In an amazing display, the heavens open up and the toxic ash is washed out of the sky by torrents of rain that cleanse the air.


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