Neon Evergreen

Neon Evergreen


  • Excitable
  • Ambitious
  • Easily Impressed
  • Kleptomaniac
  • Workaholic

Lifetime Wish

  • CEO of a Mega-Corporation


  • Business

Super Max Skill

  • Sculpting
    • Chiselmeister
    • Prolific Sculptor
    • Master Sculptor
    • Ice Personality

Other Max Skills

  • None


  • Doo Peas Corporate Towers


  • Goldbeard Galleon Gallery

Lifetime Rewards

  • Artisan Crafter
  • Better Mixologist
  • Slacker

Best Friends

  • Marion Stevens
  • Thelma Shore
  • Rashida Hagen
  • Ferby Rodriguez
  • Anastasia Kline
  • Theron Bruner


  • Delivering the Green
  • High Quality Delivery
  • A Fun Gathering of Suits
  • Schmoozing the Political Machine
  • An Old Ruse
  • Oh Scrap!


  • Toddler
  • Child
  • Teen
  • Young Adult
  • Adult
  • Elder


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