Newcrest House Hunters: Flip the Crick

Newcrest House Hunters: Flip the Crick

Newcrest is a blank slate. So, you’re going to plop down 15 identical Crick Cabana homes on Newcrest’ empty lots and see if you can strategically add two items to each home to come up with more money in the end than your competitors. There are restrictions to making money too, so this is going to be a tough one.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create two Young Adult Sims — no restrictions on traits.
  • In Gameplay Options make sure Fill Empty Houses is NOT checked.
  • Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration is banned.
  • When you first enter Live Mode immediately pause your game and go to Options > Manage Worlds > Save and Go to Manage Worlds, then choose the Newcrest world. Choose Open the Gallery > My Library. On the left side choose the Lots Category, and then Residential Lot type. Finally, choose the Crick Cabana lot and Place Lot on your empty starting lot. Rinse and repeat with the 14 remaining empty lots in Newcrest.
  • You are also allowed to add one Maxis-made spa venue to Willow Creek, Oasis Spring, or Magnolia Promenade.  Choose between these four: Perfect Balance Spa, Center of Center Massage, Aham Ashram Yoga Studio, or Luxe Health Club.  Choose wisely which spa venue you want to add, no changing after you start your game.
  • You are allowed to use the Buydebug cheat for the sole purpose of purchasing a satellite to prevent abductions. Take the satellite with you when moving to prevent using Buydebug again.
  • Each Sim is allowed to purchase two Buy Mode items (including items sold on the computer) before the first move that they can keep permanently.
  • No adding to the household.
  • All household income is restricted to a) the Business career and/or b) the Charisma unlock Ask for Loan.
  • Loan restrictions: Each Sim is limited to asking for one small loan and one large loan while in any given house.
  • All moves are made at 7 PM — your first move occurs two days after starting your game (Tuesday at 7 PM). Your second move is 48 hours later on Thursday. Your 3rd move is 48 hours later on Saturday, etc.
  • You cannot live in any home longer than 48 hours (you can move earlier).
  • Each move must be to a home you have not lived in before. You should check “Sell furniture” when you move out and the “Furnished” option for the next house. Use the phone to make the move in order to get the pop-up screen.
  • Before moving to a new home each Sim is allowed to leave no more than one object. 15 homes = 30 different objects.
    These can be: a unique object purchased from Buy Mode, a unique career or party reward, a crafted object unique to a skill (i.e. one painting, one cooked dish, one gourmet dish, etc.) or an object unique to a collection (i.e., one fish, one metal, etc.).
  • Aside from the two objects left on your lot at moving time, your Sims’ homes/lots cannot be altered in any way – you need to play them as is.
  • Gardening/planting on your home lot is banned.
  • This challenge ends when your two Sims have lived in their 15th Newcrest Crick Cabana for no more than 48 hours and have placed the allowed two objects in their home.


Your score is the total value of all 15 Newcrest Crick Cabana homes. Lena has made a spreadsheet where you can plug in the value of your 15 different homes and get a quick total. Thank you, Lena.

Total Home Value — When your Sims has lived in their 15th Newcrest Crick Cabana home for no more than 48 hours (you can stop playing earlier than that) and they have added their two unique objects to the lot, then enter Manage Worlds once again to determine the value of all 15 homes. Use Lena’s spreadsheet where you can plug in the value of your 15 different homes and get a quick total.     


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