Olivia Jones

Who’s Your Daddy?

  • Gavin Pinkerton
    • Medical
    • 1 Star Celebrity
    • Gemini
    • Clumsy / Can’t Stand Art / Hydrophobic / Charismatic / Easily Impressed


  • Athletic
  • Good
  • Light Sleeper
  • Photographer’s Eye
  • Bookworm

Hidden Traits

  • Nerd

Seaside Savior



  • Tate, Caleb’s son, becomes a child while hiding in the bushes.

  • While Juliana is off making new friends, Jackson decides to teach Madelyn to walk.  Seriously, he decided to do this on his own, not as direction from me.  I was so impressed and shocked.

  • Juliana meets Benjamin Schmidt and decides he will make a good husband.

  • Since Jackson taught Madelyn how to walk, Isabella decides to teach her to talk.

  • Lily gets Jackson to read her to sleep since Juliana is still out of the house.

  • Keith meanwhile plays with the dollhouse.

  • Juliana makes her proposal to Benjamin, and thankfully he accepts.

  • She throws herself a bachelorette party the next day only inviting Gavin Pinkerton, Emma’s boyfriend. oops.

  • Madelyn is distressed by witnessing their friendliness.  She looks happy there but boy did she have two huge moodlets about witnessing betrayal and losing her mom as a friend.

  • While Juliana and Gavin are making nice, the party dancer shows up.  Timing is everything.

  • After Gavin leaves, Juliana enjoys watching Brad dance.  she didn’t get to ask to be just friends before Gavin left, something having to get to work … right … this … minute.

  • She then spends time with Madelyn repairing their relationship.

  • Juliana throws a wedding party but I apparently can’t count because she is pregnant again so there is no space for Benjamin to join the family yet.

  • I finally found August (Tate’s mom with Caleb) and gave her a makeover.

  • I make a quick check and confirm that Isabella made the honor roll so she gets a birthday cake, hopefully in time to move out before Benjamin goes home for the night.

  • At the same time Keith has his birthday in the upstairs bathroom.

  • Isabella gets her makeover before moving out.

  • Keith’s teen makeover…

  • Isabella’s collection of trophies.

  • Isabella moves out.  After she moved out there was a notice that she moved in with Bernard, who is Felicia’s husband.  Hopefully Felicia is still there also.

  • Juliana and Benjamin get married.  Jackson cried while Lily just looked bored, or maybe she was tired.  It is about midnight now.

  • Benjamin comes with a dog named Ralston.

  • At 2am Madelyn finally gets her birthday cake.

  • Madelyn’s makeover…

  • Everyone finally gets to bed around 5am.  It was a long and eventful day.

  • Ralston settles in nicely and she has no trouble sleeping.
    • Quiet / Likes Swimming / Proud / Loyal / Independent

  • Benjamin Schmidt-Jones
    • Brave / Great Kisser / Handy / Charismatic / Friendly
    • Heartbreaker
    • Sagittarius
    • Business

  • No one gets to sleep late, even on a Saturday.  Benjamin heads down to the school to change jobs to Education while Keith and Madelyn sign up for after school activities.

  • Ralston goes hunting.

  • Juliana goes baby daddy shopping.  Her wish list:
    • Politics [Booker Singleton]
    • Sports [Barrington Diamond]
    • Science [Kenji Midden]
    • Education [Benjamin Schmidt-Jones]
    • Virgo [Quentin Riggs Mixologist]
    • Scorpio [Duane Bell-Monroe]
    • Pisces [Chuck Hobble]
    • 3-Star celebrity [Duane Bell-Monroe]
    • 5-Star celebrity [Benjamin Schmidt-Jones]

  • Juliana works on cleaning up her old romantic relationships but asking to just be friends.

  • My very first baby gnome.

  • Juliana gets confirmation baby O is in the belly.  Woo Hoo I am actually going to stick with this long enough to finish I think.

  • She tracks down another potential daddy but isn’t too careful about her wooing.

  • Gnome invasion

  • Benjamin is a good step-daddy.

  • At this point I realized Benjamin is aging.  Hmmm, Juliana needs to discover the Young Again potion and soon…

  • …because it is now Benjamin’s birthday.

  • Noah becomes a toddler and gets a makeover.  I love his hat.

  • Charred Juliana makes sure her baby isn’t singed.

  • Ralston brings Juliana the paper however…

  • Juliana is in labor and doesn’t have time to read it.


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