One Last Move

With all of the kids out of the house, finally, Juliana and Benjamin decide to make “one last move”.

  • First off, Juliana cleans out her inventory and sells everything she can.  Downsizing is the name of this game.

Cleaning out inventory

  • Almost time, Benji, almost time…  I swear he poses on purpose so we will know we are definitely missing out.  Although Juliana is getting plenty, I am ready to see his spawn.


  • Benjamin has the hots for the burglar.  Maybe that is why she didn’t actually steal anything.


  • The kids get one last Prom.


  • And a slew of birthdays as Tyler and then William get a little taller.

TylerClap WilliamClap

  • The next day Sophia and Upton have their birthdays.  Tyler grew up before Sophia thanks to the extended fairy life stage.  I think.  The house is almost empty.


  • Trying to get the last two boys grown up is a chore.  Their grades have never been good so Juliana and Benjamin tutor them to see if that helps.  It might have too if it weren’t for the freaking snow days.

Homework Tutor

  • About this time I realized that Benjamin still had not completed his lifetime wish to become a Tinkerer.  He had already mastered handiness but will still just a little lacking on logic.

Logic LTW

  • Just a side note that this is Quinn’s daughter with Frida Goth.  She is available for download.

Griselda GriseldaGoth

  • The house is full of booby-trapped items and every hour someone is getting scolded for it.


  • Peace, oh my yes, Peace.


  • Spooky Day comes which means another day without school.

Halloween Spooky

  • Juliana is offered a job as a Game Designer and despite raising 23 kids so far, it is plumb tuckering her out.


  • Wow, Virgil grew up nicely and he is out of the house.


  • I am seriously thinking this was a fashion failure of the greatest magnitude.


  • This is Frida Goth, Griselda’s mom.


  • There are three gnome graves, that I can find in the snow.

Screenshot-5 Screenshot-4


  • And, finally, finally, finally.  William is growing up.  As soon as he finishes smustling.



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