P10.0.Nov: Minerva Song

Now for November’s Sim of the Month proper, I present you with:

Name: Minerva Song
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Traits: Loner, Computer Whiz, Bookworm, Artistic, Mute*

Goal: Reach the top of the business career, have 7 best friends (a husband, wife, fiancé, boyfriend, girlfriend or love interest can count as only one of those seven).
Restrictions: Minerva is mute. You may not initiate any social interactions that involve her speaking. Only mostly-physical interactions may be used with a few exceptions. If another sim initiates a verbal interaction, cancel it. You may not use the “suck up to boss” or “hang out with co-workers” options at work. Minerva cannot learn the charisma skill. Minerva cannot accept any opportunities that consist of her speaking (such as giving a lecture on a subject). Minerva must have a 10 skill in writing OR art in order to attend meetings, both outside work or using the ‘hold meetings’ option during work. See the list at the bottom for a full explanation of what interactions are allowed or restricted.

Shortly after Juan Undall was able to return to sanity, he felt the need to tell the world his story. After pitching what he had been through for the past two decades to several producers, a documentary on his many lives was quickly produced and televised. Juan’s message throughout the documentary is to never give up or give in, no matter how disadvantaged you may feel. The documentary was well received by audiences and critics and is expected to be a serious contender for the top prize at the annual tin can film festival.

Minerva was born mute. Due to a genetic defect, her vocal cords are mal-formed. What little sound she is able to produce is incomprehensible and quite disturbing to hear, not unlike a dying animal. Because of this, Minerva has avoided human contact at all costs, keeping to herself in a hermit like existence and interacting with others only on the computer for most of her life. After watching Juan’s documentary on tv, Minerva was inspired. Perhaps even she could beak out of her shell and get some friends, some real friends, with whom she could rely on, she thought. Even beyond that, she wished to show the world she has a voice within her and would not remain silent. Knowing that money talks, reaching the top of the business career would allow her to have a voice in the world. She will have to hone her visual or textual presentation skills to a keen edge if she is to make up for her lack of speaking ability and hold her own at corporate meetings.

Pinstar says:
*The “mute” trait doesn’t actually exist in game. However, the fact that she only has 4 traits accounts for the fact that the5th trait is Muteness, which is the source for all of the restrictions in this challenge. If some enterprising modder wanted to create the ‘mute’ trait to force these restrictions on a sim, it would certainly be legal for the challenge.

You’ll quickly find that most of the lower-level interactions are all verbal. This makes building early friendships via computer your primary way of ‘breaking the ice’. Even once you get a sim a friend status, your limited interactions can hamper you. Only one of Minerva’s 7 best friends can be romantic as Minerva isn’t the type to cheat on the one she loves. If you have her romance one of her friends, the other six must reach best friend status without flipping over to ‘love interest’. Creative use of perks will help you overcome some of Minerva’s handicaps. The fact that Minerva may only greet people rudely does not mean she is a naturally rude person, it’s to account for the awkwardness of trying to get someone’s attention without speech. Use your best judgment on which opportunities involve her speaking based on the flavor text used to describe the opportunity. Try to avoid having Minerva eat at the table or sit on a couch while others are as well to cut down on her chatting with them. Minerva may not play chess with another person for this same reason.

The following actions ARE allowed
Funny Face
Goof Around
Impersonate Celebrity
All types of hugs.
All forms of kissing
Most everything under the ‘romantic’ heading other than compliments, ‘ask if single’ ‘suggestion’ ‘hit on’ and ‘whisper in ear’
Everything that begins with the word ‘propose’ (Things this important can be communicated even without speech). This includes the ‘get married’ interaction.
Woohoo/Try for baby (and, if she becomes pregnant, ‘go to hospital’ when the time comes)
Invite inside
Rude introduction/greeting
Invite over (Friends or better only, this is to account for an email invite, even though you actually use the phone)
Ask to leave/Goodbye
All infant/toddler interactions other than “talk to” “Teach to talk” “Read to” “chat” or “talk through..(with the toy bear)”
All forms of dance

If you come across an interaction that is not listed one way or the other, use your best judgment with the idea of someone who cannot speak.

You can download Minerva here:


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