P11.0.Dec: Barry Burnaut

Here is December’s Sim

Name: Barry Burnaut
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
LTW: Perfect Garden
Traits: Party Animal, Grumpy, Brave, Heavy Sleeper, Loves the Outdoors
Goal: Make over $1,000/per hour in any career.
Restrictions: Barry may not Take it Easy or sleep at work. If Barry gets too stressed at his job, he must quit his job when he gets home and may never take a job in that career again. Barry must accept all work-based opportunities and must quit his job if he ever fails one of them. Barry may not miss a day of work. Barry may only marry a sim with the ‘workaholic’ trait. Mods that affect the difficulty of careers may not be used. Awesome mod’s function of re-assigning bosses appropriately as a sim grows in position IS allowed.

Prelude: Song Co Unlimited, headed by the business mogul Minerva Song quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the regional marketplace. Their signature ad campaign featuring silent and subtitled advertisements struck a popular cord with the public and sent the company’s stock shares soaring.

A young executive working for Song co made an off-color remark about the company’s success being due to public sympathy for the CEO’s condition, rather than any kind of real talent, intelligence or business sense. The executive was promptly fired after a senior manager heard this in passing, thus sending this promising young executive back to square one, again.

Bio: Barry Burnaut came from a truly hardworking family. His great grandfather grew up during the great depression and supported the entire family by working 17 hour double-shifts at the local factory. His great grandfather’s die-hard attitude of all work and no play has permeated its way down the family line, with each member adopting this die hard workaholic attitude like their parent before them. As the youngest of three, Barry is held to the same high standards of workaholicism as the rest of the family by his elders.

Unfortunately for Barry, the intrinsic love for work was simply not something that was part of him, unlike the rest of his family. Deep down he hated the unreasonable (in his mind) expectations placed on him by his elders but wouldn’t dare oppose his family tradition openly. His only hope is to out-do his older siblings and get the attention from his parents and grandparents off his career and onto theirs, which would allow him to take some much needed vacation, or perhaps retire early… anything to get out of the daily grind. Unfortunately for Barry, he has a habit of speaking his mind, unfiltered, when he gets overly stressed at work, inevitably getting him fired every time he does this.

Pinstar Says:
No career has even close to wages of 1,000/hour even at the highest level. The only way to ratchet his wages up higher is to keep filling the work bar to get him more ‘promotions’ in the form of raises even after he has reached the top level of a career. While any career can reach 1000/hour eventually, you would do well to find one that naturally has a high hourly wage rate at the top level. You should also be mindful of the kind of hours a career demands. The longer the shift the greater the chance of Barry getting stressed or overworked, and thus losing his job. Then again, longer shifts mean more chances to raise his performance bar, thus bringing him closer to promotions and/or raises. Barry must quit his job if he finishes a work shift with either the “Stressed” and/or the “Overworked” moodlets. Community based and skill based opportunities may be accepted or declined at your discretion, the ‘must accept all’ rule only applies to work-based opportunities.

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