P2.0.Jul: Theresa Dolphina

July’s Sim of the Month

Name: Theresa Dolphina
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Traits: Family Oriented, Genius, Hates the Outdoors, Angler, Technophobe
Goals: Reach the top of the Journalism Career, Purchase a teleporter from the aspiration perks menu.
Restrictions: Can only eat seafood dishes. Theresa must submerge herself in water at least once per day. Theresa may not join the science career, or interact with the science lab in any way.
Difficulty: Medium

The Dockwood Dolphins, after losing their final game in a huge upset to their biggest rivals the Red Rabbits, who were lead to victory by the underdog star player Gordon Loadsworth, came up with a plan. They would bolster team spirit and frighten their rivals by creating a living mascot. So they commissioned the local science center to create the mascot. It was this ‘living mascot’ experiment that transformed then-test subject, Theresa Dole, into the half-human half dolphin hybrid that she is today.

As a result of her transformation, Theresa can speak both human and dolphin languages. After escaping the lab and talking with her fellow dolphins (real dolphins, not the sports team), Theresa learns that the earth is in grave danger and feels the need to warn the inhabitants of the planet. Nobody will listen to her warning at the moment, but Theresa knows that if she can become established in the world of broadcasting, she can not only get her message to every corner of the globe, but also have it taken seriously. She also needs to finish building the teleporter the dolphins instructed her to build so she can escape with the rest of them before the planet does get destroyed.
While fearful of the science lab and the technology it used to transform her, Theresa is mostly able operate in ‘normal society’ Theresa must still attend to her dolphin aspects, needing the occasional dip in the water and a steady stream of fish to keep herself healthy.

Pinstar Says:
This month’s challenge is a bit harder than Gordon’s. Theresa has not one but two major goals to meet, the need to reach the journalism career top and the need to buy a teleporter. You’ll have to balance her career advancement with wish fulfillment, all while taking care of her dolphin needs. You may want to start off getting Thersa’s fish supply and cooking skills up right away so she can keep herself fed. In addition to seafood, Theresa is allowed to eat at the diner, the bistro and work without breaking the diet restriction. The ‘submerge in water’ requirement is fulfilled by having Theresa go swimming or take a bath. Theresa’s teleporter must be purchased using Theresa’s own aspiration points. Oh, and yes, this month’s sim was heavily inspired by the book “The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

Theresa can be downloaded from my simpage here:


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