P3.0.GvE: Peggy-Sue Evil

Special Entry for the Good Vs. Evil Showcase

Name: Peggy-Sue Evil
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Traits: Vegetarian, Green Thumb, Evil, Ambitious, Dislikes Children
Goals: Reach the top of the Culinary career track. Have at least 2 children. Purchase the grocery store, the bistro and the diner (not just become a partner). Purchase a food replicator.
Cannot sell anything grown from plants, they’re needed for the evil stockpile. Must plant, maintain and harvest at least 10 plants (any type) on the home lot on a regular basis. Must revive or replace any plants that die (you can change a new type of plant when replacing a dead plant if you want). You may not purchase or use birthday cakes to age sims up. Peggy-Sue doesn’t DO birthdays…or cake for that matter. Peggy-sue’s children may not move away from home.
Difficulty: Evil

The region has been ill at ease since the odd looking but widely popular news anchor, Theresa Dolphina, made the announcement on prime time news that the world was in fact, doomed. She cited her sources as “the dolphins” and would not elaborate on the actual method in which the world would be destroyed or how long everyone had left. The night after her announcement, she seemed to disappear entirely. Conspiracy theorists are claiming the government caused her disappearance for trying to reveal the truth. While the public is still making up its mind if her words were true or just crazy, some are acting on the knowledge. Mainly those who are prone to promiscuity, who are using the end of the world as an excuse to throw caution to the wind and have a darn good time right up to Earth’s final moment, whenever that might be. As a result, the local hospital has recorded a record number of pregnancies and births.

With the sudden boom of new babies being born, Marcus Evil, founder of the Evil legacy family, sent a truly evil plan into motion. He and his four Evil sons set up a theft operation on a grand scale to steal candy from babies. This was done to capitalize on the sudden abundance of baby-candy created by the sudden abundance of babies. The reason for the whole operation is this: baby-candy, when processed using a super secret and super evil technique, becomes more dangerous than weapons-grade enriched uranium. With that much power, Marcus could have easily taken over the entire world. His plan was thwarted when Capitan Hero lured him and his four sons into a trap and arrested all five on the spot. The only remaining member of the Evil family is his daughter, Peggy-Sue.

Peggy-Sue Evil was born evil, just like everyone else in her family. Peggy-Sue, however, became fascinated with plants at a very early age. Specifically she saw the suffering and disgust of children when vegetables were forced on them and was delighted to hear their cries and complaints. Rather than seeking bombs, doomsday devices, killer robots, deadly chemicals or powerful engineered viruses, she seeks to conquer the world by taking hold of the food supply and forcing her healthy, bitter and evil vegetables down the throat of every man, woman and child. Her plan was going well, but she was surprised and disgusted with the news from her father that she must have children of her own to continue the family legacy since her father and brothers are all locked up in maximum security prisons.
Her evil plan involves building up a huge stockpile of vegetables, double it with a food repliator. Gain control of all sources of food for the population, and make sure the only source of food for anybody is her evil vegetables. People would have to eat her Evil produce or starve. Burdened with the need to bring her plan to fruition with the need to continue her family’s legacy, Peggy-Sue has a lot on her plate, besides her evil vegetables.

Pinstar Says:
Lots of goals for this one, some of which require good time management. Finding a way to make enough money to buy up the grocery store, bistro and diner will by tricky without the ability to sell any produce, which include any products of the omni-plant or money tree. The need for a food replicator is the cherry on top of this very evil challenge, so don’t neglect her evil wishes. The replicator must be purchased using Peggy-Sue’s own aspiration points. While Peggy-Sue is best suited to do it, she does not specifically have to be the one to maintain the evil garden each day. Peggy-Sue’s children must be birthed by her, no adoptions. Peggy-Sue’s children must be assigned the ‘evil’ trait when/if you get the option to choose a trait. After that, all further traits must be chosen randomly; she IS part of a legacy family after all.

Peggy Sue


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