P4.0.Aug1: Gregory Manchilde

Sim of the Month of August (1 of 3)

Name: Gregory Manchilde
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Traits: Childish, Hot Headed, Unflirty, Inappropriate, Over-Emotional
Goals: Reach the top of the political career
Restrictions: Cannot gain the charisma skill
Difficulty: Easy


Peggy-Sue Evil’s coup of the food world didn’t have the world-dominating effect she had intended. In hind sight, she never did anything to her ‘evil vegitables’ to actually make them evil. No poison or mind controlling agents, they were perfectly normal and healthy vegetables. For a month or so the population lived much as they did before. However after a month of vegetables, all vegetables and nothing but vegetables, the carnivores in the region began to complain, followed much of the rest of the region a week or two later. People had become sick of the vegetables. It had seemed like Peggy-Sue’s plan was actually starting to work…but she underestimated the determination of the population, especially the cow-grilling, rib-roasting pork-chopping carnivores among them. People began to look to their political leaders to free them from the vegetation.

Bio: Ever since he was elected class president by default in the 2nd grade when his one and only (and more popular by far) rival was out sick with chicken pox on ‘election day’ Gregory has had political aspirations. Gregory seemed to be in a prime position to one day break into politics. He came from a wealthy family who had many connections in the political and business world. Perhaps he would have had an easier time had he not been such a terror as a child. Mean, abrasive, spoiled rotten, ungrateful and erratic are just a few words used to describe him. The worst part is, he never grew up. To this day he behaves the same way as he did when he was 8.

However, there is a golden opportunity for him and his political career. Having been running on the ‘outlaw vegetables, remove the curfew and make candy free’ political ticket unsuccessfully for years, his bizarre political message is suddenly not only relevant, but also wildly popular, even with adults. Can this tantrum-throwing, cootie-fearing, snot-nosed brat of a big baby make his dream come true and free the region from the vegetable dictatorship?

Pinstar Says:
Getting far in politics without the charisma skill will be tricky. You don’t have to worry about breaking the restriction by just socializing; that first point of charisma has to be learned via class, book or mirror. You’ll have to find other ways to counteract the negative drain on Gregory’s job performance due to lack of charisma. Since Gregory’s traits don’t help at all, you may want to look at perks to help give you an edge in meeting his goal.

You can download Gregory Here


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