P5.0.Aug2: Mauseah Twitchford

August’s Sim 2 of 3

Name: Mauseah Twitchford
Age: Young adult
Gender: Female
Traits: Coward, Excitable Neurotic, Light Sleeper, Absent Minded
Goals: Reach the top of the military career, Discover and name a Comet using the telescope. Grow 30 flame fruits.
Restrictions: Moauseah may not take a career in the military or police fields unless she is living with a brave or daredevil sim. You may not issue or cancel commands for Mauseah when she is under the effects of the ‘excited’ ‘sugar rush’ or ‘scared’ moodlets. Actions you have queued up prior to her getting the moodlet may remain.

It has been two full months since Theresa Dolphina’s warning to earth that the end of the world was near. Since then, as far as people can tell, the Earth is still alive and kicking, and no major disasters have occurred planet-wide or locally. The air of fear and panic has begun to disburse as major news stations are all adopting a dismissive attitude twords Theresa’s message and urging people to calm down. Just about everybody has calmed down, every body, but one person…

To say that Mauseah Twitchford was a little high strung is to say that the center of the sun is a little on the warm side. Ever since she was a little girl, Mauseah’s brain has never quite settled down. She is routinely quick to react to just about anything presented to her with either fanatical excitement or mind boggling fear, to even the most seemingly trivial things. When Theresa announced on TV that the end of the world was coming, this became the sole object of both fear and excitement for Mauseah. Fear for the end of the world, excitement about the prospect of doing something about it. When Mauseah set out on her quest to save the world, she figured the military would be the best place to start. However upon meeting the tall and gruff military recruiter, she broke into a 3 mile panic driven sprint before passing out in a field. It was clear she could not do this alone…

Pinstar Says
The trick with Mauseah will be learning how to avoid the moodlets that force you to give up control of her. While yes, your queued actions can stay, that is assuming she doesn’t forget them! Finding her a brave/daredevil partner is important as you can’t start on the career until she moves in/marries them. Her partner (Roommate/husband/wife/BFF/SO etc) must remain part of her household. If they move out or die, Mauseah must immediately quit the military or police careers and cannot retake them until she finds another brave sim. The flame fruits must be grown on Mauseah’s lot. Mauseah must be at the top of the military career and remain there to complete the challenge. Note that the ‘scared of the dark’ moodlet is different than the ‘scared’ moodlet, and thus it doesn’t force you give up control of her.

Mausea can be downloaded here:


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