P6.0.Aug3: Raj Bebadadeah

August Sim 3 of 3

Name: Raj Bebadadeah
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Male
Traits: Commitment Issues, Good, Great Kisser, Unlucky, Flirty
Goal: Try for Baby with 10 different women. The challenge does not end until 4 days after Raj’s 10th romantic encounter.
Restrictions: Raj may not woohoo sims, he MUST always ‘try for baby’. If a sim gives birth to his child, he must donate $5000 to charity per child. This donation must be made by midnight the day he learns of the birth. Raj may not move in or marry in any sims into his home. The moment Raj accumulates 10,000 aspiration points, you must purchase the ‘fertility treatment’ perk. No other perks may be purchased until Raj obtains that perk. Mods that modify the chances or length of pregnancy are not allowed.

Difficulty: Hard

Raj was originally intended in my internal storyline to come before Peggy-Sue as being the cause of the population explosion promting baby-candy theft ring. That was thrown out of whack when I moved Peggy-sue up early to take part in the Good Vs. Evil competition. On retrospect, I should have just kept with the original timeline as Raj is good

Raj has always had an interest in the fairer sex. Luckily for him, the opposite sex has always had an interest in him. Some fall for his charm, some for his body and some for his good heart but the overall theme is that he has no trouble finding women. Raj’s luck ends with his ability to get lucky. Specifically contraceptives of all sorts seem to fail, fail often and fail horribly, leading to some awkward phone calls and paternity tests later on. Raj is a good man at heart and does not wish to cause distress to the unassuming mothers of his children, so he has vowed to always help them out financially whenever there is an ‘oops’ in the bedroom. Despite the risks, Raj’s quest for women of all types continues.

Pinstar Says:
A rogue set of triplets can cost Raj $15,000, and even a single child can be painful to Raj’s bank account. Then again, not every romantic encounter will result in a child so you might get lucky. The balance in this challenge is to weigh your risks. You could slow down Raj’s romancing to build up his bank account in the event of children, then again that would cause raj to reach his goal slower. Then again, if raj can’t pay the donations, the challenge is failed. The actual in-game charity you donate to doesn’t matter.

Raj can be downloaded here:


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